We need to be triggered from time to time.



Picasso once said something along the lines of, "Art is the lie which forces us to see the truth."

We're living in a world wherein we're talking about English Lit majors are talking about cancelling Titus because of a brutal rape in Shakespeare's famous play and people are talking about cancelling To Kill a Mockingbird because it depicts a white woman lying about a black man raping her.

Trigger warnings are taking us in the wrong direction.

Movies like Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan, Requiem for a Dream are rough fucking movies. They should trigger you. They should make you uncomfortable. They should also be viewed by everybody.

It's nearly impossible to watch Schindler's List and take the Chinese concentration camps lightly. It's nearly impossible to watch Saving Private Ryan and take an decision to go to war lightly. Nobody has ever watched Requiem for a Dream and thought, "I'm gonna try heroin tonight."

It's the shocks of art that can really impact and educate us.

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