+18 % = One year with Trine

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One year ago I invested 100 USD in P2P-loan in the platform TRINE. I will here tell you about what I think about this service – and how much I will get from it (+28 USD).


What is TRINE?
Trine is a Swedish Tech-company that lending money to project in Africa and Asia. The project is in solarenergy so those who lend the money will get better economi and better environment. And I get good money for it. Win win and win.

How much do I get?
It is different percent rate in different project but about 8 % in a year is common. So if I invest 100 USD I will have 108 after a year.
I invest money in a bigger project – TRINE will lend out the money – I get rate for it. A typical P2P-platform but this time it is only for project for better economy/environment.

But you say 18 %???
Yes. If you use a refereal-link you get 10 USD extra to invest as a starter. So if you invest 100 USD and use a ref-link when you star the account you will have 110 USD. With 8 % at that you will have 118,8 USD.
But you have 128,8 USD in your account?
Yes. You can use your refereal link and if someone use it YOU and YOUR FRIEND get 10 USD. In this year one person joined TRINE with my link. So I have 128,8 USD after one year.

BUT – how much rate is it without bonus and bonus…
8 %

Is I legal?
The good thing with TRINE is that it is a Swedish legit company. A company that big economy-bloggers and newspapers has written about. Not a “new crypto that promise a lot” – this is just investment in loan.


How much will I invest?
I invested 100 USD first time and have now 128,8 USD. I will this year use my reflink and help my wife to start. That will give me 10 USD more and 8 % at the amount.

How to join?
Go to Trine.com
Use my reflink here https://www.jointrine.com/just-invested/34829
Use passport to identify yourself
Invest money
Get 8 % and ref-bonus

My opinion
I see this as a “safe” investment and 8 % is really good in Sweden. In a bank account I can get 0,5 %....
Usually they say that stocks will give 8 % in a year. But if I have to choose I take Trine. Because I get more than 8 % thanks the refereal-bonus. Still – I have a small part of my invested money in Trine. More in crypto – just because I think crypto is more fun. That’s all.
DO YOU HAVE TRINE? What do you think?

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