East coastlines Of Trinidad

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Flying alongside the Manzanilla beach side , With MAG of 170 deg.

This coastline is one of the most popular places in our country for turtle watching. Leather-back turtles, heard that they almost tour the entire ocean, only to come back to our island to lay their eggs. Living to an age of 45 years, the largest surviving turtle species in the world that grows to 8ft in length and weighing more than 2000 pounds. Such a beauty they are and yet they are hunted down by the locals. Smh.

leather back turtle.jpg

An endangered species. :( Quietly making a nest for her babies.


Here is an estuary as i continue my way down south. That black river is called the Nariva River, which drains the swamp to the bay.

Anyone care for a swim?


Finally!!! and the most exciting part, hahaha, i could of seen my neighbors in that small village below. Lol.

My Second Post.

Thank you Steemit

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Awesome pictures.. really great photography.

wow amazing coastline

Best pictures, yes you get through, you captured some real stunning views from in the air, just keep the photos pumping and you will continue to gain followers. I am very impressed, you already have this thing lock.. I feel proud to be living in this beautiful Island, thanks for sharing awesome photos and showcasing our country. I look forward to seeing much more of our lush green landscapes and beaches from a bird eye view.

really beautiful pictures.

hi @toniofonz i am waiting for your posts.


haha, working on something big!
will post soon. ty. heyyyy... wait ah minute, u the same guy @fahad290, haha, real nice.


so work hard and come back soon.

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where are you sir we are waiting for your new post

You are flying in a helicopter ? These are your own images ?


no, but a Cessna 152 airplane, Images from the plane yes, they were taken out by me.


Great, I strongly recommend you to stop asking for upvotes, and instead write such great posts. This community does not take well the message : Upvote for Upvote.


hummm,.. good thought. understood. still learning. will continue posting.

keep it up bro ..upvoted!

oh.!! i want to visit there^^

well done good amazing