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Just drinking a cold Stag (a man's beer), well it kinda get warm because of the sunny weather, lol. So i was collecting seeds (Aka Donkey eye) to make a necklace.

Trinidad and Tobago, my home island. Location, the Caribbean. Mayaro beach.

My first Post.

Thank you Steemit.

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ahhhhh boy a man's beer, now thats wat we talking bout...... let the feting begin

I like your photo, its original, local, very nice, keep it up. Looking forward to seeing many more photos of our beautiful country. Thanks for joining Steemit and welcome to an awesome community. tip!

I'm glad you joined Steemit. (looks like you joined around the same time I did)

Hope you have great fun here with everyone! :)


lol, Yup its a start, done enjoying it, thank you

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great work done...
keep it up.

Looks good! Never had it before.

I'm a Samuel Adams kinda guy. 🍺

— NP