Beautiful trip to phokhra, Nepal

3년 전

Hello friends..!

Last year I visited Pokhara, Nepal's beautiful place, I want to share my experience to all my steemit friends..Nepal is very famous of the country for its ancient beauty and natural beauty..There is lot of places in Nepal for of them pokhara is most beautiful places, In pokhara we can see beauty of natural himalaya mountain river lack etc .

It's great experience to visited phokhara..I liked the people there are very favorable and helpful..i really enjoyed my phokhara trip..My friends who like natural beauty Himalaya mountain rivers, once they go to Pokhara and experience natural beauty..Travel is the best way for learn about any place and natural beauty..

Hope you all my steemit friends like my experience of pokhara and keep supporting me, Thanks..


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Nice pictures. Sorry I missed the opportunity to hit your introductory post. But I found myself holding some extra voting power today and was visiting people who support my classes, so I stopped by to repay the vote you gave me today.

Welcome to Steemit (belated but sincere).


Thank you very much for remembering me and keep supporting me to learn more Sir ,@hebrew

Nice post.. Really beautiful place and wonderful pictures..i like it..thanks to sharing us and keep it up @masqood

Wow amazing very beautiful scenery soothing @masqood😊


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