170 types of plum fields and shrines in Chichibu


Hello steemians!
I am RYO!

This post is a continuation of the previous "Robai" trip!

All of these yellow flowers are "Robai"!
Robai is similar to plum but a different kind.
And blooms a little earlier than plums

And these flowers are plums!↓

There are various colors such as light pink, near red, and white

This plum is like a cherry blossom!

Very beautiful!😃

This place has great features.
The reason is that here there are the most plum varieties in the Kanto(east-central) area!

There are more than 170 types of plums in this place!
And there are 470 plums!

When I went there, more than 60% of the plums had not bloomed yet.
That's why I shoot only blooming plums

The name of the red plum is "Kobai".
it meaning is "red plum"

↑↓I thought this plum was particularly beautiful!
It’s really like a cherry tree, but it’s a plum

This is the name of this plum variety…"Ko-toji"↓

↑I think the meaning of "Ko-tojii" is the red plum that blooms a little earlier↓

Certainly it blooms in full bloom earlier than other plums

Beautiful, Ko-toji!

↑↓It is the whole picture of this plum field.
Really beautiful when in full bloom

I enjoyed this plum field and got down on the ropeway😊

That is the shrine introduced in the previous post.
A shrine under the mountain built for those who cannot climb to the top of the mountain

I have posted about this shrine in the past...a beautiful "Hodosan-shrine"

This shrine is described in detail in a previous post, so if you are interested, look at it.
It ’s a post from my visit during the autumn leaves season😃↓


Beautiful dragon decoration↓

Daikoku-sama…A famous lucky god of Japan↓

Fox Shrine, "Oinari-sama"

And I went to a soba restaurant😋↓

This is a soba restaurant opened by a traditional soy sauce shop.
They started a soba restaurant to supply their own soy sauce

Foo! Delicious!! I love it!!

And I went to a another shrine↓

This shrine is "Chichibu-shrine"

This shrine is also detailed in a previous post. This is the same post as the "Hodosan-shrine"😊

↑unique shape tree↓

Chichibu-shrine is famous for its big festivals.
It seems to have become even more famous for the anime "Anohana"↓
(This is a poster for Chichibu-shrine festival)

But I have never seen this anime yet...😅
But I'm glad that Chichibu's appeal spreads because Chichibu is in my prefecture!

I enjoyed this wonderful trip to Chichibu again!

Thank you for reading!

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