A field of yellow flowers "Robai" and a shrine built in 810 AD


Hello steemians!
I am RYO!

I went to a famous plum field on a mountain!
I took the ropeway because that place is a high mountain

Not many people because it was a weekday

Ropeway time is about 5 minutes

Some people climb this place without using the ropeway.
But it's still 10 am so there aren't many people

View from mountain

There is a plum blossom↓

Plum flowers are blooming very beautifully😊

But I visited this place a little earlier than the best season of plum to avoid crowds of people.

So I shot only the blooming plum blossoms

But another attraction of this place is the "Robai"

↑This is a Robai↓

Robai is a flower that means "yellow plum".
But Robai is actually a different kind of plum

The Robai blossoms are so small that when I shoot the "field" the flowers don't appear in the photos…😅

Cute and beautiful😊

Break spot↓

You may look like those pictures are taken in the same place but I'm not taking the same place many times🤣

Robai mountain beautiful!!↓

Another Robai field↓

And there is a shrine at the top of this mountain

There is a big shrine at the below the ropeway, but this shrine is the main

This shrine is small but simple and dignified beauty

Guardian wolf↓

Beautiful god's house, all built of wood

This place seems to have been visited by the Japanese god Yamato Takeru no Mikoto 1900 years ago…
And a fire broke out when he was on this mountain...
But God's dogs have extinguished the mountain fire.

So the name of this mountain is "Mountain where the fire has stopped" and it is named "Hodosan"

Then the shrine was built in 810 AD

The souvenir shop has golden Daruma↓

Bag of the Seven Lucky Gods↓

There is a point on the top of the mountain right next to the shrine↓

Maybe something was once built there in the past…↓

View from the top↓

I'll post more at a later date as there are still many photos!

Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!

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