A flowering plum blossom field and a small beautiful shrine


Hello steemians!
I am RYO!

Now, plum blossoms are starting to bloom in Japan!
There is a place in my area called plum field Big 3 in Japan

↑These trees are all plums!
It's so vast that I can't shoot everything😲

I visit this place every year when the plum blossoms bloom😃

But now plum is only about 30% bloom,
so I shot only the blooming flowers

Plum blossoms are white, pink and red


This place has a lot of plum blossoms throughout the town so I only shoot places close to the parking

I'm used to this place so I'm shooting a place with few people.
But actually there are so many tourists. They are shooting flowers at tourist area

The day I visited is February 18.
A week later, I think almost all of the plum blossoms are blooming, so I will visit this place again at that time😊

↑And I went to a nearby udon restaurant↓

Noodles made from flour, salt and beautiful water, I love it😋

And I spent in a small park

This place is very good,
There are no people at all because it is a little away from the plum blossom area.

Birds' voices and river sounds... everything is beautiful

I took a little nap at this place😆

There was a god of cleanliness near the park

And I moved about 15 minutes by car…

I visit this shrine whenever I come to this area

I'm used to this place but that day the shrine looked so beautiful

This was the first time I visited this shrine since 2020, so God may have welcomed me…😌

This shrine is fused with a temple.
I've posted this temple and the nearby river a few times in a previous post...
but I'll skip it because it's hard to find it from past posts😅

There are lots of pink plums here!

In general, pink and red plum flowers bloom a little earlier than white flowers.

I will post this again because I think I will visit this place again😊

Next chapter will post in 3 days later

The new chapter has 13 pages, little more than usual!
Please look forward to Yasaemon's counterattack😃

Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!

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I just can't get enough of those cute shrines :D

I especially liek the picture under "15 minutes".


Yeah! This is a small shrine, but really clean and beautiful!
Thank you for comment!😀

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