A huge Buddha statue 31.05 meters high and a sushi trip


Hello steemians!
I am RYO!

I went near the sea with a friend!
I went to eat seafood because my area has no sea!

This is a restaurant where can eat fresh fish caught that day!

What I ate was fried fish…

And sushi!!

Yes!! very very good!!
Very fresh but this place is all low price! awesome!😋

Next I went to a famous temple!

He's my friend↓

The area near this location was hit by a huge typhoon in 2019.
This temple has some damage but survived the typhoon

This temple is famous because of its huge Buddha statue↓

Wow! very big!!

This Buddha statue is 31.05 meters high!
This Buddha is about twice as large as the famous Buddha statues in Kamakura and Nara

The name of the temple is "Nihon-temple".
"Nihon" means Japan

The temple was built in 725 AD so has a history of 1300

↑There are many small Buddha statues↓


And from this temple can climb to the top of the mountain

↑Many trees are broken due to typhoon damage…

The stairs were much longer than I expected…

Buddha statues

↑Some of the Buddha statues are broken due to typhoon damage…

very long stairs…

Yes! this place is top of the mountain!


can take photos at the tip of the mountain↓ It's me😁

And my friend↓

beautiful sunset

It's me↓

The shape of this mountain the interesting...it is said to be a "saw mountain"↓

The cross section of the mountain is shaped like a saw cut

great! Climbing was difficult but I enjoyed the wonderful view😊

And hot spring!

It is an photo of the official site↓

It was a very beautiful hot spring!
This hot spring was in the city, but it was clean and good😊

And it was very good trip!!👏

Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!

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It feels like we’ve been with you on your trip! Thanks for a very detailed blog.


I'm glad if you enjoyed trip together!
Thank you for comment!😉

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That’s an amazing statue, and the food looks incredible too.


Yeah! It's all beautiful!
Thank you for comment!😉

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Thank you for replying.

Lovely shots of beautiful places, Thank you ryo-6414


Yeah! It's all beautiful! Thank you so much!😀

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Yeah bromate! Sea, good food and an amazing place!
Simply a wonderful article! Congrats!! You rules man!!😉💪✌️


Thank you bromate!!😉👍
Sushi is the best! I want you to eat sushi in Japan someday!👏😋

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Yeah! I've never eat sushi in my Life, I have to wait to eat the original with you!😋😀🤗