A restaurant opened 90 years ago and a deep mountain temple 1100 years ago


Hello steemians!
I am RYO!

I went to a temple on a deep mountain!
I ran by car to go to this temple, but it was very narrow and difficult😅

There is a very large cedar at the entrance of the temple!

Great! The tree is about 800 years old.
Tree height is 23 meters, trunk circumference is 8 meters!
Great and beautiful like Yakushima cedar!

In the past, shrines and temples have merged in Japan...This temple has an entrance dedicated to the shrine (red gate)

↑This is the entrance (gate) of a general temple

There is a statue of Niou! They are watchers of the temple!


This place is the highest mountain near here↓

There is a temple priest↓

This is the main temple↓

"Nenokongen-tenryu temple"
It means dragon temple in the sky(or heaven)

The location of this temple is 640 meters high...
It was built in 911 AD, 1100 years ago

Once this place was a place of training ...
The monks visited the temple wearing their old shoes, "waraji".
Therefore, there are many "waraji" in this temple↓

And what is unique is this 2 ton weight "waraji"↓

Nowadays it is famous as a temple with good edges for legs and hips

There is a place where can climb a little behind the temple↓

It's bell↓

little temple↓

amazing view!

This temple is on a very high mountain but there were many tourists on weekdays.
This temple has a old and wonderful religion😊

And I visited a restaurant in an old house, It is a restaurant near the temple↓

Great! I like it!!
Old and good wood scent

This old house was built during -Jingi- era (about 150~ years ago)

A historic restaurant that opened in 1932!

Old Japanese life remains…I love all, so beautiful

It's Udon, a traditional Japanese dish↓

Flour and beautiful water food ...
The bamboo container is very beautiful

Of course, very very good delicious!!

Like a near temple, this restaurant is located on a very deep mountain, on a difficult road…
But I definitely want to visit this restaurant again😊

Thank you for reading!
Arigatou gozaimashita!


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Nice trip you had


Yeah! Thank you😉

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