Input Less, Output More


I think we’ve all heard stories of people who have gotten themselves stuck in a sort of “self-help loop” - this is when people continually procrastinate by watching motivational videos, lectures, reading motivational books, etc.

Watching and consuming motivational material isn’t wrong and it won’t keep you from attaining your goals. It may very well help you attain your goals even faster.

But like many other things in life, a balance must be struck. A balance between research and action.

If you continue to plow your mind into the depths of knowledge of the universe, that’s a great thing. I fully believe in reading, watching and listening everything interesting that you possible can. But again, if you just sit around and consume this material and never output anything, then you won’t achieve your goals in the real world.

Those of us who are curious about the world will go far above those who aren’t. Those of us who are both curious about the world and take action on all of the amazing knowledge to be gained are the most powerful of all. These are the people who make huge impact in society.

These are the people who get motivated and research some idea or dream and then they set their goals and then they line up and take the shot. They put in the work. They get their hands dirty and they grind and put the knowledge they’ve gained and continue to gain into action towards achieving their goals.

Defining Output:

I think a definition of output is hard to place precisely. It’s anything that allows you to express creativity, thoughtfulness and knowledge.

It could be writing, painting on a canvas, architecture, vlogging, instagram photos… The list goes on.

It’s anything that leverages the knowledge and creativity of your inputs and then outputs it as some sort of manifestation in the world.

The easiest way to increase the amount of creativity that you output (in my opinion) is to keep a daily journal of your thoughts, feelings, learnings, etc.

When you read an interesting quote, write it in your journal. If you’ve got the time, maybe also include a few sentences about why that quote is meaningful to you.

This is how I got started with journaling. It wasn’t some super complex system. It was a virtual note program where I just created a new note for each date. Every day I would just start by writing amazing quotes I came by.

Then I started to add more outputs from my inputs: things like vocabulary that I liked, interesting excerpts from books, podcasts, audio books, etc.

It slowly evolved into my notebook now which is where I still take daily notes on all my inputs and creative outputs. My notebook is like an entire short story each day. It’s a story of my thoughts as that day progressed. What was I thinking about? What ideas were percolating in my mind? Why those ideas were relevant for that day, etc.

Outputs will help you strengthen your inputs and outputs will give you an outlet into the real world. To impact other peoples’ lives and make a difference!

What’s your preferred output medium? Audio, video, writing…?

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Another great one, @triptolemus! Thanks for that :-)

I'm pretty sure we've all been caught in the trap of over-concept-developing once.

We often see that happening in politics when decision makers communicate that they've set up a board, committee or task force. That's the moment when you know that they're actually not operating at all. They're just sitting around and losing themselves in theory.

Effectively wanting to generate an output definitely requires taking action as you perfectly explained.

It's anything that leverages the knowledge and creativity of your inputs and then outputs it as some sort of manifestation in the world.

Exactly, an output generates an impact. Planning and concept development don't. There lies the difference :-)

Also great tip on journaling, I had never thought about it but may take it into consideration.
And to answer your question: My favourite medium is definitely writing.

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Hand palm is really gorgeous carry on

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Good evening friend @triptolemus, answering your question, my favorite means of exit are my hands, because through them I materialize all the creativity of my mind, especially when writing.

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ive been writing all my life, so I guess that does it for me. it's easier to convert my thoughts into ideas/concept with a pen than with my words because i am laconic, and my brain works faster than my mouth.

as regards the topic, yes it important to balance things. taking in information and doing nothing with it makes that information useless. it is even better to know a few things and apply them than knowing a lot and doing nothing.

Yeah, it can be an addictive excuse for not actually taking action.

Thanks for shining a light on the costs, benefits and insights. 💚

@trptolemus a good content to get into people mind. People listen , watch but few adapt and few not because thay cant keep all the learning in their mind. The best way to keep is either para phrase and put it into mind or else note it down in their perosnal dairy . These help them to recall even it get out of the mind....i believe writing is best thing.
I remeber during our childhood, we always use to write answers of our textbok question and answer without seeing the notebook. It help us a lot in memorising all the stuff properly👌

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Great. Message. I agree both are equally important, input and output. First, it took me something like a year of input to rediscover myself and gain self-confidence and once that clicked in I started doing more output than input. However, input helps you keep growing too. It’s just like thinking of something. You can put thought into something that you want pretty much down to every detail but then you must put action into manifesting it. Somethings are easier then others and other things are harder then somethings but it’s all worth the received result.

I agree with what you have written. I believe that energy is in circulation all the time. So if you stop giving something good from yourself, you can't expect to get something good from the Universe.

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Now that's a good idea. I've read something similar about procrastination, about doing the things that matter.

The idea was to completely stop the input for a week - to not take in any information, no matter the source or form it came under - and observe how things changed.

The guy doing the experiment wrote that he did a lot more things when he stopped reading and taking in all that information. And we have to admit, information is almost infinite these days. There's so much going on these days and if we try to absorb everything, we're going to end up doing nothing. Not to mention the energy our brains consume with processing all that information. Energy that we could consume creating.

Thanks for the good post and for reminding me about this idea. ;)

Btw, my favorite output mediums are writing and photography.