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TRON is different in many ways. First and foremost, it is a lot more than a blockchain. It’s an OS for the Web 3.0, an ecosystem and the strongest community in the blockchain space. Yes, there are people who envy TRON and don’t like it for its sometimes exaggerated PR, but I guess haters are part of this game.

In this article I want to give you a quick overview on things I do on the TRON blockchain every day. It’s a lot more than you can do on any other blockchain and possibilities are growing each day.

Let’s start the morning with TRON

I usually start my morning with scanning through some of my favorite communities on Telegram and Twitter and look for new articles and projects. There I tip people with TRX or TRC-Tokens with the Seedit Bot.
This is basically like upvoting posts here on Steem, but you can do it on Telegram or Twitter and with all different kinds of tokens too.


The bot is also essential for DEX trading groups. In these groups you can buy and sell tokens like on an exchange, but P2P. In January there will be an own DEX for TRON and tokens called TronWatchMarket. This is one of the projects I invested in too.

Talking about investments. Through a project called SEEDGerminator, you can invest in dApps and get rewards from them. These investments work like Kickstarter, and you get back tokens that are like shares in the stock market.
This way I have also invested in a POS system called Poppy, that will enable people to pay with TRX at point of sales.


My favorite investment is in a dApp game called Eggies World. This is a tamagotchi like game, where you hatch and take care of eggs/monsters and feed or play with them, all the while you earn TRX in doing so.
A game where you can earn while playing - awesome idea!

TRON = endless possibilities

So while I have fun on the blockchain and chatting a bit, I make some good profit with trading tokens on the DEX groups. If you are clever, you can make nice trades - especially with my favorite tokens TRONGOLD and SEED. Since TRON is extremely fast and tokens are transferred instantly, this is a fast paced fun.


Talking about fun. I sometimes play a bit dice on Tronbet - nothing fancy, but a nice game, that is very popular at the moment.
Then I head over to Guildchatfor some airdrops. Guildchat is like Telegram or WhatsApp, but with an integrated TRON wallet.
Every 4 hours there is a TRX airdrop in the official groups there and many airdrops with other tokens in between.
I also do my own airdrops there with my own token on Guildchat!
Add me:


My own TRON token: HOLY

Before I forget: Yes, I have my own token on TRON called HOLY. I created it as a sign of blessing people and showing my appreciation and remind us all, that this is a dream and we are one with God. It’s mainly a sign of love and peace and I’m not intending to earn money with it buy hey, I got my own cryptocurrency! 😀

Tokens are nothing new - they will even come to Steem next year or so - and I do believe, that we are experiencing the „tokenization“ of our society.
People and businesses will issue their own tokens and attach value to it - it’s just a matter of time until this feature will reach mainstream.

One more thing… earning money..

Yes, you should have fun and meaningful conversations on a blockchain, but with cryptocurrencies there is always the possibility to earn money too.
The good thing with TRON is, that you will earn passive income through staking. So you don’t need to mine or write stuff like here on Steemit.
You just earn trough holding TRX and voting for SRs - these are similar to the witnesses here on Steemit. Most of them are not only running a node for the TRON network, but have bigger projects and dApps in the background. You get paid daily for voting, which only needs to be done once. To get voting power you have to freeze your TRX into TronPower.
This is similar to SteemPower but with the HUGE advantage, that you can unfreeze them in 3 days and not 13 weeks (!!) like here on Steem - and again, you don’t have to do a thing to earn guaranteed rewards daily.

Besides that, I already charge in TRX for my own services anyway…

..and in the evening

After a hard day on the blockchain, you may want to relax and watch your favorite show on TV. 😉
Especially if you are outside the US, you have to rely on Bittorrent to do so. Millions of people do that - maybe not always legal - but without Bittorrent (which is responsible for 50% of world internet traffic) this wouldn’t be possible.
Oh, did I mention, that Bittorrent is part of TRON? So you may use TRON anyway without knowing it yet…
Millions of people will learn about this in the very near future - especially about Project Atlas, which will reward people for seeding torrents in TRX.


These are just a few of the possibilities that make the TRON blockchain different. I thought, that readers here on Steemit who are already familiar with blockchain technology should be aware of the exceptional advantages of TRON - and this is just a beginning…

Love & Blessings,

Atmos 🕊

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I will certainly read this later!!!


Thank you - also for the resteem! ❤️
/tip 100 HOLY
(oh...damn... this doesn't work here 😉)


annnnnd 2 hours later I can go check it out! ah fuck it ill skin up first for the read :P


Good on you mate, thanks for taking the tron leap and sharing your experiences.. tamagotchi rocked back in the day lol


Im replying to peeps then im going to check this great Tron insight!

It's also a weird movie from the 80s.


Looks like the real love story I got with TRON! 😂

RIGHT. Im taking my trx from trading site and putting them where?!

Man I have been checking out the tron, but thankyou for being here to show and tell us much more!!! Where do I start?! Id be very happy to get the trx I have and to put them on wherever to explore the games ect!

fucking hell man , Im really getting a crypto addiction problem hahahahahhahah

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