TRON (TRX) is Impulsing UP!

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TRON (TRX) has been correcting but marginally putting in lower lows. That is always indicative of seller depletion. The first blue five waves setup the scenario for the abc correction and it resulted in a zigzag (5,3,5) as shown by the subwaves. The question is, what next as price has broken out of the down trend.

An hourly chart shows wave and pattern details not visible through 4 hour or daily time scales. The breakout was impulsive as shown by the blue waves. Elliott Waves states that after five waves, there is a requisite correction. This is shown by the downward wedge pattern that is encasing the resulting abc waves. IF this is complete, then the waves will likely start a new impulse set of waves upwards! What woudl that mean? Higher highs can be expected.

Legal Disclaimer: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.

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  ·  3년 전

It is my opinion that Digibyte is one of the best crypto currencies and will make a lot of people wealthy as the adoption rate of Bitcoin grows. I'm not going to bore you with a technical analysis of the project, but rather provide my theory as to what the catalyst will be that makes the price of this coin rise in value.

The Digibyte team are geniuses from a technical standpoint. I'm sure if you are reading this you are already aware of the superior asset Digibyte is to other cryptos. The problem lies in marketing. With the adoption rate of the most popular crypto Bitcoin under 2% it is no surprise that very few people know of Digibyte and their nerdy crew. But no worries because Bitcoin is going to save the day.

As the masses become more familiar with Bitcoin and merchants attempt to implement it as a payment choice the faults of Bitcoin will become known on the big stage. I can see the morning news now talking of 10 minute wait times at Starbucks for a Bitcoin confirmation to clear. There will be a desperate search for a faster more secure payment method in the crypto space. And there with their big dicks swinging in the air will be Digibyte to the rescue. It is simply the natural progression of any new technology. Bitcoin is like Motorola and Nokia, but Digibyte will be Apple and Samsung.


I am down with digibyre as well! Not only because I hold it but for many reasons. Cliff High likes it as well, not to say he a Massiah Or anything but he has been fairly accurate in his predictions in the past.


Please convince me as to why Digibyte is the best.

Why is Digibyte superior to Stellar for instance? Stellar has extremely fast transfer times...Like send it and tell someone whatever you sent them through Stellar is in their wallet and it well as sub-cent transaction fees. Not to mention the ease of construction for smart contracts...

I think Digibyte is a promising project, I just don’t know enough, or why it would be believed to be poised as a ‘next bitcoin’ over something else?


Bitshares is faster? Super cheap transactions. Genius team? Steem is faster too? Why do you think Digibyte is better?

I've been watching TRON for awhile, I feel like this has long term potential but I don't think we will see any huge moment until they get further along in their implementation plan, I like to see crypo that is self building adoption platforms like TRON though.


Hoping for some price action on/after the 31st with the main net launch and coin burn!! But with Sun estimating a 8-10 year project, wondering if it’ll have legs vs NEO, QTUM or Vechain.

  ·  3년 전

I agree. Could be a really great product for a very big market. I'm sure it will take a while to overcome the FUD of the sloppy launch. Did you hear anything about a coin burn? Was that just a rumor?


Coin burn is real. Justin talked about it briefly in one of his live streams. It’s debated as to whether or not it’s a straight up coin burn or CBOT...I believe it will be CBOT.

  ·  3년 전

CBOT? Coin burn over time?

I could do with this coin going up up up.

Thank you for advice. Loving Tron from its birth. I believe and know Tron networks will be amazing and great platform. Justine sun is truly a crypto knight.

TRX has 100 Billion Coins in supply and 65.75 Billion coins in circulation. Great for pump and dump (lots of liquidity). But I just can't bring myself to put money into it. Even at 5 cent it is expensive compare to bitcoin or ethereum. Unless I am willing to hold it for at least a year or more, it is not for me. Like the dot com bubble...there will be a crypto bubble. Only the strong will survive, lets see if TRX will.


the same comment was made about VERGE and EOS. Such did not stop their rise.


@haejin Still bullish on XVG? Dev keeps dropping the ball on Wraith


Just hoping it’ll pick back up.. bought in at $0.12 and again at 0.09 after its ath


Supply of a coin is irrelevant to the ease of pumping and dumping a coin. If you have the manpower to coordinate a pump and dump it will not be less profitable if there are less coins in circulation. What could effect it would be things like volume, number of exchanges, etc.

  ·  3년 전

All these cryptos are "great for pump and dump" -- and TRX doesn't have much to hang its hat on...yet. Here's a good, if biased, read:


My target is $1.06 initially...once correction is complete; TRX should make orgasmic lunges upwards towards that target.

  ·  3년 전

I hope so!



I really like this post friend! keep up the good work!


100% according to you, greetings @kaleem345

People were hating so much on TRX when it rose to $0.30 a little while back and then regressed all the way down to $0.04, but this was healthy. It’s following the exact model for the crypto J-curve. I see great things ahead.

this is really great to read your posts because most of the time people had looked for my posts but now here i am looking for great people like because I want to learn many things under your guidance thanks and be supportive for me as well

What I've noticed so far is that tron's movement is aligned with that of the market, whenever inflow of money occurs, TRON goes up with other Cryptocurrencies and comes down the same way.

It is always good to have people who know about the behavior of the Cryptocurrency, which allows us to obtain a clearer picture, in order to make our own decisions ...
Many thanks for the information @haejin

Bought tron at like 11 cents :/

  ·  3년 전

Hopefully things will continue to improve and continue to increase.

Thanks for your analysis, im not a big fan of TRX but I believe that we will see this coin rose this year, maybe not as much as some others expect because the supply in the market its just too big but it should be a good long term investment.


The key is holding mostly the top 20 or so.


You're right, I didn't think about that before, thanks.

Whales are gaming for their advantage that is why the unbelievable downs are occured.

Need to jump on that train.....,

Tron has already given great hopes to many of its HODLers, this post will enrich their confidence. Many thanks

If this happens,I will be the most happiest person.

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i'm highly invested in Tron...all power to tron..hope it goes up

While I do hold many Tron tokens, and I keep myself updates on the growth of TRX, the community begins to rise and rise sitting at the top of Binance with the volumes being the most. With TRX, I will say everyone should also look into ETN! Their growth in their community has been rising and incase anyone hasnt heard of ETN; they are currently in their beta testing for Smartphone Mining to increase the use of Crypto in the hands of anyone. Attempting to make it more accessible as well as easier for people to invest without their own money! I Believe that TRX and ETN will rise together to the top! And I strongly would say everyone should look into ETN as well as we all HODL our TRX for growth at least in two coins compared to just having the full drive that TRX will moon soon! Im hoping to see both these great ideas of Crypto to moon shot by the end of 2018!!!!!

what do you think of eos?

Tron is a solid long term HODL. After the great crash comes many non-utility coins will die off. TRONs utility will likely sky rocket when new people to crypto shift their mindset to investing in a coin for the problem it solves like a silicon valley startup. There's too many coins trying to replace fiat and not enough coins like this solving real problems.

At least someone isn't FUDing this coin... everyone is saying it's a scam, etc...
What do you think the next ATH is going to be? 30 cents?

I think TRX is very interesting because it goes the same way that crypto seems to me that you have to risk a little. But it can go well.

Great Information. Thanks for the Post.

Higher highs of previous months or higher highs of the new cycle?

My chinese friend said TRX is a scam. I am holding big sum of TRX but still confused in the long run if it will be succeeded.

I’ve also been watching TRX for awhile. Picked 150 shares at 5 cents. Thought about doing some short time trading but thinking I’ll be hodling for a minute.

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