A simple look at TRON vs STEEM // i.e. Why gamble away your money?

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Ok, so for those that visit my blog from time to time, you know what my opinion is of the god forsaken place that is the TRON blockchain.

But lets visit it once again since i did just read a post by a Steemian that unfortunately lost a chunk of his earnings gambling on TRON. LINK: https://steempeak.com/gambling/@fenngen/lessons-i-learned-after-getting-completely-rekt-at-wink-org-casino

See, TRON for everything i might say about it, has a community. Its not a big community, id be surprised if it even comes close to the size of the STEEM community based on the traffic stats i checked for their biggest dapps, but they have a community nonetheless.

So i was thinking...
How does STEEM compare to TRON in appeal for a regular person or even an investor.



  1. Filled with ponzi scheme gambling dapps whose dividends mostly depend on suckers coming in after you and losing money on gambling. And they indeed will lose inevitably.. 70 out of the top 100 TRON dapps are related to gambling last time i checked.
  2. From a investor point of view TRX is around no.10 in MC and in my opinion its extremely overvalued due to their hype almost completely being dependent on transaction numbers from bots running scripts on gambling dapps mentioned above.
  3. Its been proven time and time again that a large chunk of twitter votes on tron related topics are bots thus the cheap hype that TRON is so proud of is fake.
  4. Side projects by Justin, as hyped up as they might be, are simply paper tigers with very little real world application or value. Take BTT for example. A content piracy funding platform that rewards you for seeding. And dont give me the: "Oh, you can use it for sharing non-copyrighted content". The vast majority of traffic comes from pirating. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks as a duck... its not a cow.... Do you really want to invest in something that mostly funds illegal activity and will always do so?


Now lets say you had some money and you had to choose. On one hand you have TRON that in fact is well marketed and hyped up and on the other hand you have STEEM.
Which blockchain out there offers you more constructive things to do? Which blockchain creates more overall value?



  1. Instead of collecting some TRON native tokens and staking them to pay you divs from people losing money on gambling, you can use your money and buy SP on STEEM. You can use that SP for various things.
  2. You can support content creators that create remarkable art, music, photography.... People that create real world value. Has it ever crossed someones mind that STEEM has legit potential to create a new Pewdipie, a new star musician, a new best selling author, a famous artist. As far fetched as that might seem now, somewhere down the line that can happen. The potential is there. No such potential exists on TRON.
  3. You can use that SP to create your community around a topic and support members of your community.
  4. You can support developers that create value via SPS with your SP and with your upvotes directly without taking anything out of your pocket..
  5. You can invest in legit projects like SteemMonsters that create real value and create another revenue stream that isnt based on "suckers" coming in after you, but rather on the in-game value of the cards.

Now tell me... is it not better to put your money in STEEM, a project with such incredible potential or do you want to put it in a gambling blockchain like TRON and hope that the cheap hype might lift up the price.

I know where id put my money. ;)

Not financial advice, just some TRON FUD. haha

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For me it is more than clear that STEEM is superior to TRON, the problem is our lack of marketing.
Combine TRON’s marketing and Steem technology and community and you get the best blockchain ever.

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Consider what would happen if steem had Trx market cap and could sustain it.
We could potentially, tech aside, onboard millions.
Steemit when Steem was at its ath was a top 700 website in the world. Something no other blockchain dapp has come close to achieving.

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The fact that Binance has 60% of votes by voting for itself as block producer, TRON is NOT decentralized.

If one day Binance decide to power up their 27 million STEEM for their staking program and vote for itself as a witness they can't make it to the top 20 with their self vote.

Thank you for this. Most people simply look at the ranking on Coinmarketcap and believe that tells the story of what is taking place.

TRON might end up as something but, so far, it is a borderline fraud. Justin is a brilliant marketer getting a lot of recognition for the blockchain. However, that does not mean anything worthwhile is actually taking place.

Steem is still an under the radar gem which is fine. Let other blockchains get the publicity (and the eyes of the regulators). Let Steem just keep developing and expanding.


Also, smart people have more time to acquire more cheap steem.


In the end you will simply be unable to ignore steem.

There was something funny on twitter couple days ago...
An ethereum classic investor came into a dapp.radar tweet to complain how they dont list etc dapps. He linked to their "official" dapp rankings and it turned out theres literally no one using ETC. Maybe 200 users in total. And etc is 20th in mc.
I could probably just off the top of my head name 200 people on steem.

Zilliqa same thing.
Tron and eos are known for fake transaction volumes.
And they dont fake it in 10-15 percentiles. You literally have services adveritising themselves as being able to fake transactions for your dapp.

Steemit was a top 700 website in the world during ath. Steem is the only project, and ill bet everything i have on that statement, that can onboard millions.
Revolutionize crypto as a whole.

$$$ in Steem benefits the whole crypto ecosystem. What project can say that? Not a single one... yet Etc is listed on Coinbase and steem isnt even close to getting listed.

but people love Ponzi's 😀

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Want to buy some $Pnzcoin?
Thinking of making a steem engine token. Haha

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will i be first in buying it? :D


Ofc. First adopters always win. 😁

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Good analysis. Another advantage of Steem: it has great tribes supported by SE tokens which also reward niche specific content creators and curators.

Can we expect EOS vs Steem too?


Im not that well versed in Eos outside the basics. Would need to research it a bit more.

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steem is still number one anytime of the day