My keys got capped plz help

7개월 전

It's not a huge deal as I'm mostly liquidated here but somehow the only active key I'd saved for steem got switched to all caps and of course now are incorrect. No idea how that happened but I notice now that only Tron keys are available and I had to use my owner key to do wallet stuff?

This also brings up the difficulty of starting the tron wallet and are my tron keys only able to do tron stuff, seems obvious that's true but where the hell are my steem keys now and how do I retrieve them?

Has team Sun purposefully made steem stuff more of a pain in the assignment than it already was 😂 because that is really impressive.

I'd like to keep active here but thus far I'm not smart enough to keep up, that mnemonic key that shouldn't be screenshot got me haha. WTF am I supposed to do? Hand copy that nonsense? Tron isn't really something I care to fool with it but if that dickhead wants to match my rewards I'll take what I can. I just wish things could be a tad easier. Same old issues being on mobile too.

I'm listening but.........

I'm not expecting an answer either which is disheartening.

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