We Sporked It 🤔 But I eat with my hands so....

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Due to my complete and utter disillusionment and lack of caring I will not be adding to what I'm sure is a plethora of steemcentric content. This platform has become a steem forum where the juicy bits happen in discord and even more secluded backdoors..

Just going to do a free-flow here.. The country I live in is in political turmoil as the 95 year old cunning PM resigned but was then named interim PM by the king in an unheard of move. The sentiment here is difficult to ascertain and again I find myself mired down in apathy.

I'm quite positive democracy in the traditional sense has essentially failed to deliver it's impossible fantasy of representative governments..

This last week I've witnessed firsthand the trappings of government healthcare and it's woefully inadequate and under funded circus act.. Chalk up universal healthcare or what have you also into the realm of fantasy. Ask a Canadian I'm sure they will echo my lack of faith in public government funded healthcare systems..

Back at home I still have no comment about that failed pioneering modern democracy but I can say hearing Trump say Na moose stay was as always both sad and amusing..

No new revelations I'm afraid folks. This world is a pay to play rigged game and my advice would be to try to find things you enjoy that don't harm yourself or others.. So heroin is off the table though it's appeal is very real..

Life is harder than ever and also increasingly becoming more and more complex..

There's only about 2 or 3 semi active large stakeholders here I value and that brings me to my closing point that all but perhaps 2 of meaningless witness votes will be withdrawn as its time to burn the dead wood of this cabinet of cheerleaders asskissers and greedy imbeciles. Good day!

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I was actually speaking to my mom and a friend and asked them do you think people are happier now than they were say 50 years ago. Bare mind my mom and them lived under apartheid, I just got it the end of it and the generational effects but nevermind that, and they both said yes.

I was like wow, you can have all the modern conveniences you want but it sure as shit is not bringing a lot of people more happiness.

As for the elections I'm still amazed at how many Americans are not completely disillusioned by the system and are still hyped up about, yeah let's make a change, yet they don't see the voting they do with their money every day by giving it to places like Amazon and shit.


That's quite alarming indeed. When I wrote here that life is more difficult than ever, I almost thought to also say but also paradoxically too easy in some artificial contrived way.. I also wasn't exactly sure if I was speaking from a personal vantage point or trying to speak for humanity or the macro lens.. I figured I'd leave it and see how it was received.

Your response is telling.. I suffered from nothing as reprehensible as apartheid and have only been a witness to the after effects of my country's appalling history.

That being said I'd never wish to diminish the inequalities experienced throughout the world or claim that this time is better or worse than that time but things are definitely really really really messed up currently..

My main point I think was that nothing will come easy and certainly not free that's going to offer an opportunity for lasting changes..

I had a, friend back home say free college for all sounds great but I'll be damned if I'm footing the bill for some child to have his adult life retarded in the pursuit of a piece of paper that may or may not contribute that much value to society.. Not every human should be buying this higher education dream, but I know we've both already covered that one as well.. Funny how often no matter what we end up either with those in complete opposition or near total agreement. There seems to be no middle ground whereby people are open to accepting new ideas..


Yes Apartheid here in South Africa was tragic. But the scarred and warped sick culture it has left in its wake is still haunting us. It looks like it's getting worse.


I say their cannot be true despair without hope and South African's were sold on lots of hopeful dreams and opportunities. They have every right to be pissed off. I don't blame South Africans for leaving, I don't blame them for being angry, feeling hopeless and still feeling segregated.

Until you separate the money from the state you're always going to be limping along. South Africa I feel is an ideal place to be embracing private money.

We have plenty of smart people here (selling their skills overseas) if they have access to capital and opportunities they would want to support their communities

But we sitting with a system where one institution has the monopoly on where funds go and who gets to use them.


Eish! Black Economic Empowerment meant giving to the elite, ANC cadres or connected ones, regardless of skill or qualification. Now they want to have state takeover of private enterprise in true Communist fashion. And EWC expropriation without compensation of land that they want. Yet the state is the biggest owner of land in the country. These are parts of hat you are referring to I presume.

Yip, I'm with you buddy. The planet and everything at the moment is looking dire, bearish, somber and many of us seem to be weighed down by disillusionment regarding the future, and with humanity. It's looking dangerous with the global pandemic on the rise. And this is just the start. I see a global great depression coming.
Forget about fiat money, it will be worthless. Stock up on essential hard assets. And resources to survive and hunker down somewhere. It's going to get messy.