Investment Experiment (TRON)

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I have been wanting to do this experiment for some time.

The idea is to see how good an investment the Tron Network is and with investment in the various D Apps what progress can be made with a relatively small investment.

This is not financial advice and your results will vary considerable from mine and there are lots of ways to vary the things I will be doing and some of what I am doing may not be the most optimal way of doing things.


I have decided to start with an investment of 2,000 TRX that is the equivalent of approx £42.76 at current rates. I was going to start at 1,000 TRX but that would be a little too restrictive for all of the things I will want to do.

The first action is to Freeze 500 TRX on the network and to vote for a Super Representative (SR) doing this enables the account to earn some TRX for the investment, this will make up the risk free part of the investment and we will be adding to this where possible. Obviously when I say risk free I mean from the point of view of the risk only being with something going wrong with the Tron Network or the TRX currency tanking.

Once the 500 TRX is frozen the next step is to vote for a SR or more than one SR if you want. You can split the votes anyway you want to. I have decided to split the votes between the following 2 SR's.

Poloniex 100% 250 TRX
Ant Investment Group 100% 250 TRX

The percentage is the amount of rewards each SR will return to voters, not all SR's return 100%.

Other Investments

I will be investing into the DApp Wink by purchasing the sub tokens Wink, Dice and Live. Each of these tokens are like an investment into the Casino bankroll and enable the holders to earn some form of return if players are losing on the Casino. Players can win of course and when that happens there will be no returns at all.

My starting point is to buy some Live and Dice

Dice 259 @ 0.77 TRX cost 199.43 TRX
Live 250 @ 0.79 TRX cost 197.5 TRX

The Wink token is quite high at the moment so will be looking to pick some up if the price drops. Wink is quite near its highs in 2020 whilst Live and Dice have some room to grow, of course they can go down in value but are aim here is not trading but to build up the daily income of the account and see if we can grow it organically which just a little bit of effort.


Gambling will form a small part of this investment and since this is very risky it will be kept to as small a risk as possible since the idea is to grow the investment not lose it. We will be playing Poker on Wink which also will earn us Rake tokens which can be frozen for earnings. Also we will be placing occasional sports bets on Wink as well but the minimum bet is 100 TRX so these will be kept to a minimum and as much as possible will be made with any profits. It will probably be sometime before we are in a position to bet though, unless something really appealing turns up.

I will be posting here on a regular basis with updates and I am interested to see how this will grow, also if anyone has any investment ideas they know about on Tron then please post in the comments.

Most of the rewards won't start until 24 hrs have past. However we did play a session of Poker today and booked a profit of 59 TRX which is a nice start. Wink Poker is pretty volatile though at one point we were down over 200 TRX. I might post some of the big plays in the next post. Also we did earn 4.6 Rake, not that they will earn us much in the way of rewards.

Haven't got great expectations on the earnings we can make but lets see how this pans out, it will be nice to have some sort of record on progress. I have started from a clean account so I can record all transactions including any airdrops and other such residual earnings that the account gets over its lifetime.

26th Jan 2021

20000 TRX Starting Balance


500 TRX (Frozen)
1146 TRX in account


250 Live tokens
259 Dice tokens

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