Investment Experiment (TRON) (Day 3)

2년 전


A couple of days ago I set up a Tron account and funded it with 2000 TRX here is an update.

When I set up the account I did make a beginners mistake and froze only for Power and Bandwidth and should have also frozen for Energy. By not doing so I did rake up some transaction fees. This can be considered a donation to the Tron eco system and yesterday I froze another 200 TRX split between the two SRs we voted for originally.

Current SR Votes

Poloniex 100% 350 TRX
Ant Investment Group 100% 350 TRX

It meant I lost some of the Poker profits but I did play again today and booked another 30 TRX in profit.

A couple of interesting hands from the day one session.

Hand 1

Picked up JJ in Mid position and raised to 21 TRX got 2 callers in the blinds.

Flop was 346

Not the greatest flop and was in two minds to bet or check, I checked

SB bet 33 TRX and BB called

I folded

SB had 58o BB 5Ks

Board ran out 346Q7 and the SB picked up a big pot.

Hand 2

Limped with 44 in Mid position

SB re raised and there were 3 callers I was last to act so called.

Flop came 542

I placed a Pot Bet of 72 TRX and the Player in MP2 position went all in with a further 125 TRX

We called and the board ran out


MP2 showed K5s

We picked up a big pot.


We have earned 0.254 TRX in voting rewards but I will be leaving this before withdrawing since the aim is to keep transactions to a minimum. We also earned a small amount of TRX with Wink in dividends.

We have also picked up some tokens that have been sent to the account and one of these appears to be a scam attempt.

MBoxSwap 7,600

But according to the site they do not have a token on the Tron network and this looks like an attempt to scam TRX holders so please do not attempt to swap these for TRX.

With the Poker profit I picked up some more Dice , the Wink token is over my buy price and so is the Live Token.

Dice 41 @ 0.766 TRX cost 31.44 TRX

28th Jan 2021

20000 TRX Starting Balance


700 TRX (Frozen)
949 TRX in account


250 Live tokens worth 200 TRX
300 Dice tokens worth 225 TRX

Total 2074 TRX

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