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Hello guys,Today I would like to introduce an extremely potential project 888 Tron-Very potential project .I am glad to present you a unique entertainment platform – 888TRON. This platform is a decentralized Protocol of the TRON.Network distribution blockchain, which will bring the entire online entertainment sector to a new, better level.I found only when it was listed on exchange – I know about Tron.Network and have several tokens of different platforms. As i remember it was number 1 in token list for a quite long period.

888Tron is a recently new addition to the Tron Network and at first glance, it looks really good. Just take a look at the picture below and I’m sure you’ll agree. However, I’ve decided this is not the casino for me , or at least ,not yet. Someone promises to change the gaming industry with the latest concept of modifying part of the profits. 888 throne gives its own original users a unique chance not only to perform in the form of entertainment and win, but also to be co-owners of a very profitable business.

I have been playing on this decentralized platform for a last month. Actually I started with wrong strategy and lost a lot from the very beginning. But then I found a new way – the way of winning. I play Dice 52 with 65–75 winning chance and it really gives profit. You know, it doesn’t take a lot of time. 1–2 hours per day will be enough for win.

By the way, there is also a devidend system. For freezing 888token you get trx. This is great. If you don’t have time for playing – just freeze some 888 tokens and take divs.

One of the bad things is that the token price on exchange fall down but I think this is a periodical thing. Sooner it will go up because the developers will launch European roulette and jackpot. This is one more profit thing. Extra bonuses for you if you are lucky.

Well, if you a gambler, be careful, 888tron is very good gaming platform. But if you can make your own winning strategy, you can make a great bankroll with it

Since the principle of operation of the blockchain network itself implies not only inherent in all decentralized projects, transparency of actions, their reliability and security, but also equivalent access to all entertainment products available in 888TRON, without constraining or restricting the user in any form of access. The main principle of the 888TRON system is that all participants will be equal and no one will have privileged rights regarding opportunities within the platform. And all thanks to the fact that the tokens of the system can be obtained only by playing the most entertaining online games 888TRON. This little trick will allow all users to prove themselves as a player, as well as deservedly get a coin for their professional actions.

Shipping tokens in platforms 888 Tron cut one HUNDRED,000,000 tokens. Tokens in the landing stage can be obtained by making bets. The procedure for obtaining divided to the extent of any degree cut according to period and lasts for 48 days. To any extent, investors have every chance to receive an unlimited number of tokens. In order to get a single 888 token, the smallest initial amount is TRX 700 trimmed. Already after passing any degree, the smallest amount in my 888 token increases to TRX TEN.

So if in the initial degree the participant applies a multi-trainer TRX 700 to engage in 888 felt-tip pen, in the degree of nest due to mining, the investor will need a transceiver 710 888 with the aim of the 1st marker. Goal 3 degree somebody will increase by TENS TRX 720 because the only token 888 and direction will continue.

Investors of the platform will be paid dividends according to the end of any degree of mining platform-any 48 times. Dividends are paid in the TRX cryptocurrency from among absolutely all holders of 888 tokens, which froze their own tokens in smart contracts until the completion of the current degree of mining according to the number of tokens that existed were mined and shackled.

Dividend Payout
After the end of the course of mining dividends are distributed automatically once a week. For example, let’s say that you have 1% from a single platform token size. And for example, the profit of the platform because of the past period has collected TRX 30,000,000.You will therefore receive TRX 30,000,000 *0.01 =TRX 300,000.

In the initial period of production, 12 million TRX dividends will be purchased. During this period, there are TEN million TRX with any daytime raising 1,000,000 TRX dividends, which ultimately move to TRX 12 million..

During mining, any purchased token gives an incentive in the amount of 0.5384615 tokens to the instruction, partners and the additional Fund. According to the end of mining, all platform tokens without exception will be distributed in the following way: investors mine tokens-65%, instructions-20%, marketing -10% and industrial-5%.

888Tron Dapp displays Tron’s supremacy by clocking 25 transactions per second
Gambling apps have been one of the key drivers of Tron’s rise in Dapp ecosystem world. While Tron has some stellar gambling apps, 888Tron has been a completely out of the league has the Dapp has not just performed well but also has broken records and achieved feats unmatchable.

The Dapp has paid more than 9.5 million dollars as dividends

Tron has been racing ahead in the race of Dapp ecosystem thanks to some amazing apps that are achieving new heights day by day. One such amazing Dapp that has achieved great feats is is a decentralized game platform built on the basis of the blockchain TRON.Network. Its users have the opportunity not only to play and earn money but also to become co-owners of this business. The platform was created for crypto enthusiasts who believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency are our best future. While the future is still unknown, the Dapp is already giving its best in the present.

Since the launch of the platform, the team has done a great job in achieving some great results. This includes

The Dapp is the first in the history, completely decentralized slot game has been launched
The Dapp has an automated token burning program has been developed;
The Dapp’s new platform which now allows users to add new games and functionality integrate products from the third-party developers specializing in DApp applications and traditional server solutions
The Dapp offers a fully decentralized European roulette with a track, allowing to bet from 10 to 20,000 TRX per number. The team also plans to realize the possibility of a collective game of roulette and baccarat.

If we talk about the unique features of the 888TRON project, there are a lot of them. But I'll start with the fact that everything in this project is not accidental, every detail and function was carefully thought out by the developers, starting from the moment of choosing the blockchain network itself, to the principle of charging coins, a set of games and other important aspects.

At the time of the launch of the platform, the developers intend to remain in the shadows for some time in order to give the public an opportunity to see for themselves and try out the charm of the work of 888TRON, and earn their first coins. After that, the team will speak at public events and tell about the further stages of development of the project, that is, legally settle all current issues regarding the legalization and purity of the project to obtain all gambling licenses around the world.

Since the project has the main basis of the blockchain, the coin within the gaming platform will be TRX with the symbol – 888Tron. In total, the developers will register 100 million coins, which can be obtained only by playing or participating in mining. More detailed principles of interaction and accrual of tokens can be studied in the technical documentation of the project, where the percentage reveals the entire algorithmic moment.

The distribution of tokens is as follow

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