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Hey Guys and Gals, to all those Tron aka TRX aka about to be Rekt crew checking into the hotel of wallet rapeage, come 1st of June 2019 you will all realise that Justin Sun just smashed your back doors of like DEA at Walter Whites latest Meth house. And all the silly billys piling in to BTT aka Bittorrent and thinking it will ever be worth and 20 Sats, you can also book a room in heartbreak hotel. All of you will witness the pump and dump, all because Justin Sun says its a 70 percent chance on amazing news, just lol Amazing because he got to repay 40 mil from a hack. The amazing news is that people by coins with a supply so high, these two coins are not worth ten baked beans and a stale fart. Facts

Anyway donations payable to me Ill take cash, fake credit cards, hostages and BTC.

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Tron was always shite

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