Getting flagged by Sun's fuckboys is the funniest thing I've seen today

7개월 전

Recently I've bumped into a T ron shill by the name of @vision2020

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This ignorant faceless troll obviously likes the new face of Steem which allows him to vote farm across two accounts. Self-voting content with zero value at best.

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His other account ain't lookin' any better. Full of content that seems to be meaningless at worst. Obviously simply serving as a placeholder to dump his votes into.

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Before this shitstorm there were accounts like @steemcleaners and others like @themarkymark who collectively joined efforts to stop this kind of abusive behavior.

Sun had clear goals for this place when he removed the delegation from projects which cleaned this place up from turds like @vision2020 and his alt account @btcmillennial

Seeing this shit unfold infuriated me enough to cast my first couple of free flags at vision2020

Unsurprisingly, a couple of days later he started flagging my shitposts from two accounts of which I suspect both are his own.

Not trying to complain here because I had it coming.

Don't mind the flags though.

Here to see if there is anyone left here that cares enough about this place to start casting some free flags at fuckers like @btcmillennial and @vision2020

Heck, you can even flag my shitposts if you want to, I don't give a shit.

Cya in the next one

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Idiots like that guy are happy all the old witnesses are gone now they can do all the fuckery they want. What a great platform they are creating really going to attract new users for their great content. The future of Steem is looking very bright. 🤔


You should have seen his comments before he deleted/edited them. I don't usually lose it, but he managed to trigger me.

Couldn't agree with you more. This place will burn down in the flames of the self-voters which some people invested years into eradicating. Now they are free to abuse the shit out of this place however they want and obviously all of them are super thrilled about it.

Fuck em'


Yup. I was just checking my account and saw someone had down voted all my payouts I had checked to see who it was and saw it was this crazy Korean chic that started down voting me and spamming all my posts and comments before my last hiatus but back then she didn't have any Steem she would just create hundreds of free accounts and use the 15 free Steem from each account to try and downvote and spam me and others. Well apparently this crazy chic has accumulated a bunch of Steem while I have been gone and got Hive also and just cleared out all my payouts for a week. Im guessing she's not going to stop also. Damn crazy people.

I curated his posts.