Trump to take on Iran?

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Throughout the entire Obama administration, Trump spent his time making rounds about how Obama was going to war against Iran. It was intended to improve his poll numbers and at the time, this did not seem an unreasonable concern, particularly as Hillary Clinton was the secretary of State. As we all know, what eventually happened was Obama delivered a peace deal.

After wrangling his way into office touting opposition to the Middle East quagmires, he tears up the peace deal and proceeds to fill his administration with homicidal Iran hawks who almost immediately began accusing Iran of acts of war.

How would you feel at this point if you voted for Trump on the basis he supported peace? It would seem he only did so to oppose Obama out of spite.

On the other hand, we've finally hit a point where this regime's complete lack of credibility actually matters. What's more, only the seemingly incredible Saudi's and Israelis believe in this nonsense. Can Trump start a war if no allies come?

Herein lies the problem. The Saudis and Israelis only shoot nurses, reporters and kids throwing stones. They don't fight people with guns and planes.

Sadly, the last administration has established that the president can basically start unilateral wars any time he wants. We can only hope that Trump isn't dumb enough to go this one alone.

Pray for peace!

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