Does Trump really deserve all the pushback he gets?


Credit where credit is due

I have been hard, deservingly so, on Trump supporters who defend him no matter what he does. So I feel some obligation for balance and to point out that there are Trump detractors that will attack him no matter what. Trump deserves a lot of blame for his handling of the virus but he did close immigration from China early on. And he got pushback for that.

I have to believe that a lot of the pushback was not based on what he did but because he was Trump. And it is fair to wonder if he might have done more if not for this type of pushback. Remember that this is soon after impeachment so any big move he makes means that some people are probably going to call him a Tyrant.


Evaluate actions, not the person

I am far from a fan of Trump. But I feel that his actions should be judged on their own. I know it is hard because those of us who do not like him do not trust his motivations. I have been critical of those who accept anything he does as long as he appoints pro-life judges because such acceptance does not make him a better president. It makes him think he can get away with anything. But likewise to criticize him no matter what will not make him a better president either. It makes him do whatever he decides since his detractors will not like anything he does.

I hope we can strive for a middle ground whereby we evaluate his action apart from him. Difficult for one who is so full of himself I know. For those like me we have to be willing to concede that some of what he does is good. For the always Trumpers they will have to concede that he does more damage than just "say mean things" and hold him accountable and pressure him to be a better person and president for us.

In our polarized society I do not know if we can get there. I fear that in the long run that inability to work together to make our reality show president better is more damaging that any virus.

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