Fake News Pac Man Meme Game! :)

3년 전


All this media buzz lately about Trump and stuff that doesn't matter that happened over a decade ago reminded me I made this Fake News Pac Man game last year for the infowars meme contest.

I don't think many people got to see it :P haha

You can play as Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson too :P

Choose here:


(Paul says nom-nom and is animated)

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I tend to stay out of these types of politics but the media doesn't understand that the more they whine about everything little thing the less seriously people will take them. If there is a real scandal I would like to know about it but I don't want hear about every dickish tweet or see people analyze and laugh about a typo for three weeks.

I have no love for the man (or his former opponent, for that matter) but some of the stuff one hears about is just absurd.

Cool meme, by the way.

really what you say. thank you for sharing

I remember seeing that meme contest. It was epic!! I have to say the WWF wrestling ones were my favorite, or the Indiana Jones one. Crap there were so many awesome ones.
The media is shooting themselves in the foot their credibility is garbage. I haven’t watch the “news” in years!! And proud of it👍🏻👍🏻

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