RED ALERT: America at War - The Final Call To Arms

3년 전

In the final hour as America is under a constant attack, the body of the people sit silent. If you are not picking up arms and crying out on the roof tops, you are consenting to the tyranny that is upon us all.

If the founding fathers only knew what our country has become .. I believe they'd say that they were ashamed to have fought and died to ensure that we as Americans would have the Freedom that they wanted for us.

We are the ones to blame for not exercising rights and fighting for them as we were instructed to do.

Now, we and our children and grandchildren will not only wake up homeless of the continent they conquered and spilled their blood for. But because of our complacency we will be the slaves to those whom are attacking us.

From the theft of the people's lands and resources, the removal of our very God given Rights to the very invasion of our home here in America.
This Assault needs to be dealt with head on. My prayer is that our people will muster the courage and will, to unite under the banner of freedom and liberty before it is to late.

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