Trump: “A lot Of Things Happening Right Now”, Military Only Way Forward - Ep. 2440b

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Trump messaged everyone when he crashed the wedding, he let everyone know that people are reaching the precipice and that there are a lot things happening right now, then Trump announced his website, which had a pic of him in military attire. Scavino tweeted another pic of jet coming back around. Phase 1, Make America Great, Phase 2, change the election laws, show the people the [DS] system, bring them to the precipice, Phase 3, Save America with the help of the people and military.

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Thanks again for sharing your work and for bringing us the @x22report, Dave.

IMHO we are long past due for the Whitehats to drop massive truth bombs about the Luciferian pedophiles on the sleepers- this current BS is all just a Whitehat production trying to awaken the sleepers- the freight train to their forehead will awaken them- they chose this path let them del with the consequences of their choices the rest of us want to get on with peace and prosperity for all.