TruRossiMusic Presents New Music Titled, "Dem Boyz Smoke-A-Lot"

4년 전

Freelance Short Film Music Composer

Produced by Cesar L'Rossi
Vocals by Cesar l"Rossi
Film Director DeAnn A.R
Production Supervisor Lydia N.R
Located in Birmingham Alabama. Contact info: for inquiries
(you need music Tracks for your videos = SBD/STEEM)

I particular remember this one day, which at the time was an unknown memorable day for those that shared the experience with me that evening. But on this I remember being on the tarmac, getting briefed while in the military. Conflict nor event will be revealed on such story, however I remember having an overwhelmed feeling of the enemy. To me these were people born to battle and are taught at a very young age. All I kept thinking was how Scared and Ready I was! What weapons they were using! And how well they were going to used them on that particular day. I just knew, either myself or my enemy! That one or two things were for sure to happen....
Hence the Song "Dem Boyz (Out There They) Smoke-A-Lot"
(smoke in this song represents the element of which a gun produces after being fired, smoke)

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