Why I love the trust-X mobile application


Before now, I pondered on what Trustx could mean? I stumbled on a write-up that TrustX mobile app has been launched for the premium private marketplace. I'm sure others must have been wanting to know more about TrustX and the exciting features of the mobile app.
There is a clear difference between TrustX and TrustWorks global, TrustWorks is a development company, focused on the areas of blockchain, AI, and financial technologies. We have been working with public and private sector organizations since 2018.


First of all, let us have background knowledge of what TrustX is all about. TrustX is a luxurious private marketplace aiming at transparency with trust-minded advertisers and publishers connecting to build the digital supply chain with high ethical standards, brand-safe with trust to increase sustainability and services.

TrustX is the first of its kind social app, built to address few fundamental challenges to the NfT landscape, built by TrustWorks global:

  • The important goal of the mobile app centres around
  • Mainstream Adoption
  • Intellectual Property (IP) & Copy Rights
  • User Experience

The mainstream media needs to adapt and be onboarded into the non-fungible tokens ecosystem (NFTs) for sustainability and to raise utility while creating opportunities for more creative minds out there. The TrustX app is an MVP application that would really help Mainstream adoption.

Intellectual Property (IP) and copyrights have been one of the major challenges for content creators on the internet, with NFTs, you cannot monetize what you do not own or what another person owns because of the transparency of the blockchain. There has been a lot of infringements on intellectual property rights in history which has led to a lot of court cases and jail time. The TrustX mobile app built on Binance smart chain would make it easy for users to be able to monetize their intellectual property and to be able to transfer the ownership to another person using proof of ownership and transfer available on the blockchain.

Poor user experience is one of the factors which drives users away from using a certain mobile or web application that is supposed to solve a certain problem or offer services. The TrustX MVP application is well built to give its users an awesome user experience.

The user interface of the TrustX mobile App is pretty slick and this would give the users an awesome user experience. It is well designed to have a better look and feel than Instagram and Snapchat.


I love TrustX mobile app, the reason being that they make announcements on recent trends and also regard their NfTs farms in such a way that the first 300 members who get a minimum of 20 NfTs will be eligible to lock their usernames can be locked on the app.

In TrustX mobile app, the exciting feature is that new members are well treated and taken care of. The app creates room for all new members and this helps them access all promoted offers on the app
One doesn't need to search for TrustX on Twitter to access the page, this app includes features and links that can direct you to their page to access more announcements and offers.

One big advantage for advertisers and agencies who use TrustX is that it is easy to buy clean and clear inventory directly from the most trusted publishers on the app.

In the TrustX app, it is easy to access all details and statistics about the marketplace. On the app, they have 35 premium publishers who have signed on TrustX as members with 22 publishers and hundreds of advertisers now live and trading.

Transparency, sustainability, and safety are what people talk about, TrustX app makes it obvious for all participants to know what is being bought or sold and makes it viewable at all times.
TrustX app also maintains a low cost of operations and maximizes working media for buyers and ad revenues for sellers.


The Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) market cap is over $8.8 Billion as of 29th of March 2021 which is still the early stages of NFT, overtime when most business and contents come over to the ecosystem, the market cap is going to grow exponentially.
There is currently a very big opportunity on the internet for NFTs as we speak because 67% of Business to Business (B2B) marketers are using Twitter.

70% of business are being disrupted by marketplaces and social networks. A lot of brands also use TikTok for their products and services and 59% of internet users find the product on Facebook

Don't forget to follow the Trust works global Twitter handle for more exciting offers. https://twitter.com/Trustworks_NFT
Stay tuned!!!

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