The Weird DARPA/Facebook "Coincidence" You Never Heard About

2년 전

Ever hear about "Lifelog?" You know, the DARPA project to create an automatically updated, itemized, organized, electronic list of every interaction you have, every event you attend, every place you go and everything you do? The project that was announced as canceled the very same day Facebook launched? Well, neither had I? In today's Thought for the Day we explore the Lifelog/Facebook "coincidence" and what it tells us about our wired world.

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There are people still using facebook?

Very interesting and telling connections there, seein as when I first heared about facebok, it suposedly stareted as a small site that wasnt meant to be global. From what I remember hearing it was first a small site that was only used internally in some school so that the once attending that school could easily connect to eachother later in life. And then it got popular outside that school, or so it was told. "cool story bro" ?

There is a reason for everything i guess we could say.

Tnx for upvote

wow that's good news man!!

Doesn't really surprise me. LOL... xo

Facebook has a surprising number of weaknesses. They have my political identification incorrect. (YES, in some obscure section of your Facebook info, there really is a pre-made label for all users based on their algorithms.)

Ohhh !!! Nice post dude.