Calling Out The BULL. "Prepared" My Little Pinkie Toe.


The Premier of The State of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia stated that they are "prepared" for the worst!



For what?

The Australian Army Reserves have been mobilized (called up) to assist with things as far as the fires go.

Now, when I hear "PREPARED" in my mind I think of something along the lines of "Ready in advance" with all the necessary equipment and qualified human resources, i.e.

and not

So when she says "We are prepared" then I call that pure and utter BS.

What she is saying is that "We are guilty of not ensuring the necessary equipment or qualified trained personnel in the field of fire fighting and disaster management, your taxes have been spent elsewhere. We don't have the necessary fresh water supplies as we have all in some way privatized them to the best bidders among those with whom we are in cahoots with and I am here trying to look like I really care, even if I and those before me did absolutely NOTHING to ensure the safety of life and property."

Again, politicians giving their spin and the mainstream media not stating it as it really is, but assisting the lies and disinformation being put out there by those in power.

I rest my case.


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That is pretty sad news really, and it’s not like it doesn’t happen every year... Putting the blame with the people and giving them a sense of guilt. Sad, really sad! !trdo


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Yep they are just trying to look like they care while doing almost nothing. Manly just volunteer's that are doing all the work anyway. Thank you so much to everyone helping with these fire's.

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