The Free World As We Know It or Is It?

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There is not a person on this earth who has been following “the news“ and who hasn’t heard about what all is going on in The United States of America.
Yes, all the “impeachment” talk from way back in 2016, during the campaign, then after the elections and through to today.
Note: All mentions of impeaching the current President of The USA, dating all the way back to 2015/16 can be found fairly easily on Youtube.

Why am I talking about this?

As a citizen of a country that is itself “Democratic” and with Western values, it concerns me very much as to where we as the Western civilization are heading.
Some claim that a political party has the right to use all of the tools it has available to overthrow a government if they choose to do so.
Others disagree that party politics supersedes the needs of the people (nation).

After many days of considering if I should even write this post, here I am, trying to write it in a way that won’t ‘hurt any feelings’ as in many levels of Western societies feelings and opinions seem to weigh over facts, which makes it almost impossible for anyone to state anything and back it without getting swamped with abuse and opinionated counter points without any facts.

However, I will express what has been seen over the past circa three years and why it worries me so much.
It is clear that there were two well known, financially independent candidates in the 2015/16 election process who did not fit into the oligarchy. One of them was running for the candidacy with the hope that he would get support from one political party, the other was doing the same thing but with the hope to get the support from a different political party.
Those people were Mr. Bernie Sanders, and Mr. Donald Trump.
Neither one of these persons fits into the typical oligarchical category of what people too often use as a demeaning term “politician”.
One of these two people made it through and was voted in by voters to be The President of The United States of America.

So there it is, something happened that was never expected from any of those who wanted to vote in a “typical politician” from the ranks of the oligarchy.

Now, putting aside all these historical facts and events, they are now in the “past” and as such are only relevant in part to what I am about to say, there are many things that concern me.

“Party” interests before the nation?
Sorry, I will never as a child who was brought up to believe in nation first, people/friends/neighbours/fellow humans that I share a common interest with, I will NEVER accept that any “Political party” or “their political agenda” is more important than the good of the people. The nation is more important than any “party”.


That is all I can say.



There it is. What I think of any and ALL political parties as such.

“Political ideologies”

Refer to the above.


Through the course of human history, ALL political ideologies have resulted in death and evil.

As far as “economics” and “management” goes, well that is what I see as being very important topics and both of these overlapping topics can only be assessed as per the individuals involved.
Namely, there can be no democracy if we have “party” or “ideology” taking precedence over a human being.
Think about it!
Where and when in the course of our known history has it ever ended well for us human beings!


Yet, today, we see something that “the media” is not hitting on at all.


There are people within the governmental branches who are literally putting their own political opinions above the best interests of the people in the nation.
It is crystal clear that their own opinions or political affiliations to them have higher value than the good of the people that they are working for.

Security breaches, highly classified information being leaked at all levels and all in the name of “The Party”.

Now, I’m actually going to go out on a limb here and state that this is good.

Not because of their political motivations, but because it is showing where all the loopholes and weak spots in the system are.

You can’t fix it, if you don’t know what is broken.

Yet it worries me that in what we know as The West, we have the same issues and problems as in former eastern block countries. That we have the same issues and problems as many non-democratic nations. It concerns me that we have issues and problems that exists and which are as a result of mobs known as “political parties”.

Some may not see what I am talking about, so please go back to the “mass media” and find where they are talking about these real issues, please do that, find it, if it exists.
So my use of the word “oligarchy” is 100% spot on.

The truth of “party before and over people” has seen the light of day.

No matter what side of the fence one sits on, this is something that must be thought about.

Where are we heading with all this?

I see it back home in Australia too, from what I can see it is present in other western nations.
So it does worry me and I sincerely hope that others out there can see what I am trying to point out here.

I have seen the downfall of a political ideology, the bloody nature of it, the results and the aftermath.

It is EVIL.

First hand witness to it. (twice)

Hence why I clearly state PEOPLE FIRST.


& what I see out there all over the Western world, well it is the exact opposite of what we as Western nations preach and “pride” ourselves on.

Just watch “the news” and see how they don’t care about the real issues that should be the major concern of all the people to whom they are selling “their news” to.

I won’t go any further with this as it will definitely not sit well with anyone out there, the truth hurts.

Yours sincerely,

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"News" is a business. Government is a business and the US government is the largest corporation in the world. So called "democratic" societies are all just slaves to the corporatocracy that rules the planet. There is a one world government and it is called Money.

Corporate will has superseded the will of the people and that is evidenced by corporations getting "personhood" status.


Money has, does, and will always come before the good of the nation. The very same money that buys politicians and their votes.


Well, maybe it is time for people to start thinking prior to voting.


It is crystal clear that the oligarchy in our "Western" world have become very similar to those in the non "Western" countries/nations.


The same corporate interests are present in every country, so no wonder the similar forms of repression are showing up everywhere. It's just our repression is less violent.

Honestly I have no faith that the voting system isn't fully rigged.


Wouldn't surprise me either.

The oligarchy obviously don't like the idea of them not being in power over everything and beading the system (us tax payers).

I use the word 'oligarchy' with full legitimacy and more than enough facts to back it.


The Oligarchy is the Bilderberg group whose power and wealth is beyond measure. Look to them for the direction the world is heading. Governments just fall in line. They have to otherwise the group can financially ruin an entire country.

The facts of the oligarchy are ALL around us, daily. All one has to do is open their eyes and see it. Sadly to many have blinders on.

Damn good post friend! I see all the same things as u and worry so bad for the future of my children.. I loved these parts:

It is crystal clear that their own opinions or political affiliations to them have higher value than the good of the people that they are working for.

which makes it almost impossible for anyone to state anything and back it without getting swamped with abuse and opinionated counter points without any facts.

To be honest the whole post was chalk full of truths and great examples.. I sometimes wonder if its only us veterans who really look deeper into the reality of things while most just accept whatever garbage is screamed across main stream media sources..
In any case I agree, fuck partys, fuck politics, all that matters is people! And the people are being fucked six ways from sunday right now and no one seems to even care!..
Thank you for writing this.. Resteemed


People need to speak out about it.

Time for 'the oligarchy' to be put into their rightful place.

They have controlled the 'outcome' for too long, instead of ensuring a fair and equal opportunity for one and all.

Well said. I have really enjoyed reading your posts, thank you for sharing.


Thanks for reading them.


You may want to check out this persons series of videos with full details and names about the "Russia scandal" and more so "Ukraine scandal".

He literally goes into details with outright evidence for everything he puts out:

I find it amazing that this guy digs up information and documents that the "mainstream media" with all their "investigative reporters" can't!