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Shortly after he begins speaking he says "You can't extort a virtuous man.", and that's not true. Anyone that has children, or loved ones at all, is vulnerable precisely because they are virtuous. It's harder to do than blackmailing a man that has abandoned principle, but it's not impossible.

I do not agree in the least with the speaker's conviction that Trump is not complicit, and here will do no more than point to his cabinet, including Mnuchin, Bolton, and Haspel, amongst the least savory members of that vile membership. It's important to look beyond struggles between thugs for control of the mob, and not fail to note the mob isn't at risk from the competition to lead it. The swamp isn't being drained when the creatures in it find they are ruled by a new boss. The old boss is dead. Long live the new boss!



I agree. The part that I wanted to share was the piece about pizzagate being vindicated.

Perhaps the gentleman in the video does not have children and so his world view lacks wisdom on that front.

Thank you for your feedback,