Stop crying for Zionist agent provocateur Tommy Robinson.. He knowingly broke the law, even pleaded guilty, and DESERVES to be in prison

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Let's start by making something 100% clear.. Tommy Robinson is NOT a pro-England patriot that was unjustly jailed and prosecuted. Tommy Robinson is a Zionist agent provocateur that very likely works for Mossad, MI5, or both. He is a media psy-op rightwing caricature that has been invented to act as a faux revolutionary that Pied Pipers the UK conservatives and undermines their legitimate causes. Any tears that people are crying over "poor Tommy" is because they are fully psy-oped and haven't done a bit of research. They clearly don't understand who Tommy is and why he just got thrown in the clink.

Let's understand the law that Tommy knew and then ignored

In order that jurors are not biased and a trial is not thrown out, the following statutory contempt law exists in the UK:

"Statutory contempt law bans the media from publishing or broadcasting, including on the internet, any comments or information that might seriously prejudice active legal proceedings, in particular criminal proceedings heard before juries. The concern is that a juror might hear or see something outside of the courtroom that would sway him/her when he/she is deciding whether an accused person is innocent or guilty.”

What Tommy did is described extremely well by Sunny Hundal in the following summary:

It can finally be revealed that Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) has been JAILED for 13 months for breaking contempt of court laws. He also ADMITTED to contempt of court by publishing information that could prejudice an ongoing trial.

And I'll say this AGAIN.

1) Tommy Robinson knew there were reporting restrictions in place! Here is the video proof:

2) He knew reporting on the trial and revealing sensitive information DURING the trial (its not finished yet!) could prejudice the trial and lead to its collapse. Is that what he wanted?

3) He was WARNED last year against disrupting trials by a judge. Read the judgment:

4) Anyone who claims his freedom of speech is being restricted is LYING or being MISLED deliberately. Everyone has the right to a fair trial - which is why reporting restrictions are usually in place.

In this case reporting restrictions were MORE important because there were young girls and their families testifying and the case was highly sensitive. Any mistake can lead to a mistrial.

So what exactly was his crime?.. Journalist Stephanie Finnegan: "He livestreamed to a very large audience, making prejudicial and even inaccurate comments. He did this within earshot of jurors turning up to court. If they did not hear him then, they could certainly stumble upon the video online. He encouraged it to be shared widely." -

Again, I have nothing but sympathy for girls and women who are the victims of grooming. They deserve justice. But they do not deserve a conman and convicted fraudster trying to piggy-back off their trial to make himself into a martyr.

And why was he sentenced so quickly? Because Contempt of Court is usually dealt with swiftly AND he pleaded guilty. His sentence can be revealed after LeedsLive News, The Independent and others argued against a reporting restriction on the case at Leeds Crown Court.

The Contempt Of Court laws are there in place to ensure the legal process can carry on without interference. NO ONE should be above the law.

Tommy Robinson deserves to be in jail!

Sunny Hundal

(Yesterday, Tommy Robinson's supporters were claiming they were acting only to support women from rape. Now they are making rape threats against journalist Stephanie Finnegan for reporting the truth. This was never about helping women, was it?)

Tommy Robinson was going to cause a mistrial - all part of a much larger Zionist destabilization plan

Tommy Robinson KNEW that he was tampering with jurors that were in earshot of his live streaming and that he could cause a mistrial. Then you have to ask the question.. Why would a pro-England "patriot" want to risk or even deliberately cause a mistrial for a Muslim girl-grooming gang? Well, if your real intent was to agitate people and push them towards a race war, this is EXACTLY what you would secretly do.

Tommy Robinson has for a long time been involved with and worked for Zionist (and very likely Mossad) fake alternative right media outlets and gatekeepers like "The Rebel" in Canada. All the guys on The Rebel are hard core Zionists just like Tommy Robinson as seen in the video below. These types include Ezra Levant, Laura Loomer, Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone, and pretty much everyone else they have on their staff. They are basically the Canadian counterparts to the US-led Infowars fake alt-right Zionist operation that includes the likes of Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, Jerome Corsi, Mike Cernovich, Roger Stone, and Steve Pieczenick.

You see, the way this whole charade works is that as an intelligence agency you always look to run both sides of the conflict. If you want to inflict maximum damage and fully control the outcome, you need to run what appear to be "the good guys" as well as "the bad guys." So it goes like this.. The Mossad directs the Soros NGOs running Muslims into Western countries as well as probably even the girl grooming gangs in the UK that Tommy acts like he's opposing. Then with the conservative groups in the UK, Tommy and others try to whip them into a frenzy and get them as agitated as possible (also while secretly sabotaging their efforts), and at the same time making sure they stop anyone that might actually be effective in offering real solutions. In the meantime, Tommy and fake alt-right guys throw in lots of pro-Israel stances that make people side with the Israelis against the Muslims even while the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) is busily shooting unarmed Palestinian children in the head on a regular basis.

This is the reason that Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone were arrested entering the UK and permanently banned. There intent was really to incite violence. This also means that there may actually be some well intentioned government people in the UK have realized that this is an ongoing Mossad psychological operation. Of course they don't dare publicly mention that Israel or Mossad is doing this because this is something politicians (which are all basically owned by Israel today) NEVER want to admit.

An even darker scenario is that this latest Tommy Robinson prison story is a joint psy-op with the UK's MI5 and Mossad to scare the shit out of conservative patriots that don't go along with the program. What they are then doing is testing the populace to see what level of Orwellian government response is passively accepted without any major social blowback as well as to create a form of regular conditioning to wear down the conservative populace and make them simply give up. This would go along with the rumors that the English Defence League (EDL) that Tommy Robinson was a leader in is run by MI5 rather than just being a blatant Mossad-led Pied Piper movement as they've already proven themselves to be.

Regardless of the full story, he is no doubt an ardent Zionist just like The Rebel's other famous reporter, Laura Loomer, below:

"In the know" and "useful idiot" Zionist / Christian Zionist alt-right stooges are everywhere

The alt-right Zionists are truly everywhere.. I just watched Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog do a virtual high-five with Mark Taylor (the firefighter that claims that he's getting regular messages from God about Trump saving the US) because Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. (Watch the video below starting at 24:45.) Now remember, since the 1800s, the Rothschilds have been having wet dreams about Jerusalem becoming the capital of Israel. This means that either these two are complete Christian Zionist dopes that simply don't understand that this is all part of the NWO Zionist plan, or they are full on alt-media gatekeeper stooges put in place to control the alt-right and Christian Zionist masses.

Considering that all these Zionist shills pretty much talk about in the interview is the ridiculous idea that MIG (Make Israel Great) and MAGA (Make America Great Again) are all part of "god's big plan," I can only conclude that they are controlled opposition. Remember, the US and Israel are the two countries along with the UK that have been the greatest destroyers, manipulators, and deceivers of the world in modern history. Makes you wonder "what god" they are talking about when they say it's "god's plan."

Greg also regularly shows his true colors with his ongoing vilification of Iran as well as with his choice of close friends and regular guests like the one below:

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I really appreciate you telling the blind, that they are being played by both sides!


Thanks a lot for being a critical thinker and for supporting getting the truth out!

And for those that don't fully understand what Zionists stand for, have a watch of Abby Martin explaining her experiences visiting Israel and Palestine.


What a load of shite!!!

OK, I REALLY appreciate you bringing this up. I am worn out with all the lies, I had not done my due diligence. It was too easy to assume... thanks for the buttkick.


Yeah I fell for this one too. I was always suspicious of Tommy. What I didn't realize was the Britain actually HAS what the states refer to as a fifth amendment. Brits actually attempt to keep media coverage of trials out of public scrutiny so that a fair trial can be maintained. It is possible that the jury "hangs" and these men walk free because of Tommy's action.
Unlike Britain, Americans no longer enjoy this "right." i.e. Harvey Weinstein. Do you think at this point it is really possible to find an un-biased opinion of Weinstein ANYWHERE in the states? Ol' handjob Harvey probably wishes he were a British citizen right now! ;) Thanks for you attention to this!!


Thanks a lot for the support!


Hey fishyculture, don’t suppose you’ve heard anything from newsandviews at all? Wondering if he’s moved platforms


No, I have not. I have not spent a lot of time on steemit for the past several months, just been a crazy summer.
That would be a bummer, with what has happened at GAB and youtube demonetizing and facebook being facebook, steemit is becoming a pretty vital "free speech" space.


Very happy to help :-) I'm always glad when I can bring some genuine facts into the picture.

I know it's tough to get to the big picture with all the BS being floated around by all the alt-media gatekeepers. The pricks running these psy-ops know this as well and fully rely on it. This is why it is SO important to know the background of all these people and stories before making any real assessments.

Thank you for reading the post, being objective, and for thinking independently. Sadly this isn't always the case with everyone, so I'm always appreciative when people take the time to do so.


Yeah, you got off easy with me. I am normally an adept bunnyhole diver, I just got lazy! Honestly, I had never heard of him before. However, I have had a front row seat to the Bundy debacle, including having a journalist friend of mine sitting in jail for almost 2 years now over all that... But all I had to see was that clip of him squirming about being a Zionist.
Bastards are good at what they do, too bad they never do anything good.


These MFs really just play off people's ignorance, trust and laziness. They've never impressed me on a ground level as being particularly bright. However, their effectiveness may change as they start to get far better with using AI, deep profiling, subliminals, and addictive patterning to screw with people. This is where the whole thing becomes quite automated and much more sophisticated.

Is your journalist friend that got jailed Pete Santilli or someone else?


In my opinion this guy started out trying to report extremism in Luton and one thing lead to another. If I hadn't met somebody who worked in the terrorism sector in Luton, my opinion might be different. At the time, I laughed at them, wrongfully.

Great post - next time I see yet another gullible muppet on Steemit crying martyr for this dickhead I'll post a link to this!


Thanks a lot.. please do reply with this post. Who knows, you might even activate a few brain cells with them.

Spot On N_& V_ on ALL Points.

It's the middle-of-the night here, but, considering my mid-nite piss-stop got me up, and your excellent article here deserves an applaud, let me be brief, and then go back to bed.
I was quite suspicious about this robinson-guy when I read the ZHZerohedge articles here:
When one sees Geer Wilders, Gatestone Inst., and all of the other (((zionists))) celebrities from the alt-right, cough-cough, alarm bells should ring.
Well, anyway, I sent an email to 10 Downing St-UK, calling for 'Free Tony Robinson', because as HighImpactFlix sees it, freedom of speech is not to be violated.
Of course other's have dissected & demolished this tony-baloney-bastard for what he really is:

I agree with your observations/conclusions, and especially"An even darker scenario is that this latest Tommy Robinson prison story is a joint psy-op with the UK's MI5 and Mossad...".
Now it's 3am.
I'll get to you later as promised a few days ago.
Cheers X-


Thanks a lot X-! The additional videos are great and I will add them to the above post. The Johnny Gat video is brilliant and covers much more of the story than what I did. Thanks a lot for the positive support and the great additional info.


Hey x-veritas, have you heard from newsandviews lately? Has he moved platforms?


By a 'stroke-of-luck', I see your post j-f-.
I haven't heard anything from n-v-.
You've probably understood n-v- got either 'quarantined or banned' for criticizing S and E.
This platform is....not a true alternative.
Perhaps the opposite of what 'truthers' need.
Anyway, Good Luck.


After acknowledging the slew of labels that have been applied to this individual (and I truly needn't get into their veracity - such by my reckoning is besides the point)... I have the following to say.

No individual should be thrown in a glorified cage for a non-violent "crime".

That includes so-called "contempt of court".

Eternally in contempt of the mess of exceptions passing itself off as a legal "system".


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'that very likely works for Mossad, MI5, or both.'

So basically, he's not.
Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.