Have You Seen The Signs?

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The signs have not been few and they have not been subtle. If you have the awareness to see them, then you also know that they are gaining in momentum and intensity. The signs exist on a continuum in which one extreme overlaps another. The system encourages us to play things out on this stage as a war between factions when in reality, it is a war we wage against ourselves under the Law of Polarity.

The Omen is experienced on each side of the polar spectrum and if one is not aware that each extreme cannot exist without the other, then the individual will only see that their view is the truth and will apply either good or bad omens only to their myopic paradigms without consideration of a full spectrum of experience.

The way to ride out the changes that are before us, the monumental things to come, is to accept that a full spectrum experience exists. The dread, fear, blame and anxiety that I see playing out with so many people are byproducts of the signs they are receiving and allowing. The signs or Omens we experience today tell us to join forces. They warn us against existing in a black and white world. The Omens remind everyone that in a battle between good and evil, the light and truth always wins.

The Omen isn’t always there to warn you away from something. And as the Law of Polarity reminds us, everything exists only as a degree of its opposite. You will be surprised at how readily others will be there for you to make sense of what may at this time seem nonsensical or scary. When you seek assistance or understanding from others, don’t expect them to turn their back on you just because that’s what you’ve been doing to others.


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