Ireland Passes New Regulation Preventing Vaccinated and Unvaccinating People From Gathering Together In Their Homes!


I have been known, in the past, hold back my true feelings because I have not wanted to upset people. In a way, towing the middle ground in order to keep the peace. Hearing what they have to say and then filtering my response, because I know it will only create discomfort and possible division.


This comes from a long history of trying my best to always please others, putting their needs in front of my own. Yes there is a time and a place for that, but at what expense. I have reached a point in my life where I no longer wish to tow the line. Because if I am not speaking my truth, then I am not being true to who I am!

We need to start speaking our truth, whatever that may be and relinquish this culture of lies ,this culture of hiding the truth. Hiding it, just a little bit out of view, just enough to make others feel secure. Because it is all about protecting others isn't it!

This sort of attitude, is exactly why we have been put in this situation in the first place, where the truth is being kept from us. By this situation, I mean the plandemic, cos lets face it, we the masses are being told what they want us to know, just enough to make us believe like we know what is going on and doing it, in a way to make us believe we are doing the right thing, by following their orders. How Very manipulative indeed!

I know that this could be viewed as quite an extreme example, but we do need to start taking responsibility for why things have gone as far as they have. From there we can then begin to make the conscious decision to always speak our truth.


Ireland has just recently passed a new Regulation , where unvaccinated people will not be allowed to mix with vaccinated people, within their own homes. This is via the Health Act 1947 (Section 31A - Temporary Restrictions) (Covid-19) Regulations 2021, Regulation 6(4), Restrictions on events in dwellings.

For all those people who told me that it would not come to this, I wish I had pushed my truth more, that I had shared what i had learned, rather than hold it back because I was worried it would scare them too much.

This new regulation is creating a 2 tier system of freedom within Ireland and goes against all of our alienable and bodily rights.
Our freedom has bńever been more at risk right now and yet so many continue to ignore the signs and look away, because this has been the way for far too long. This is where we all now need to take responsibility for our actions and to stand up for our rights.

Freedom is all about Truth, and we need to be living our truth right now, we need to be asking questions. Why are we being forced, blackmailed to receive an experimental vaccination, when there is already successful treatment available for Covid. Never mind that at least 98% of the population have recovered.

The lockdowns, have caused far more harm that the actual virus itself. Suicide's have risen, mental illness is on the rise and so many people have lost their livelihood.

In the following video with Dolores Cahill,the well know Immunologist and President of the World Freedom Alliance, she talks, how 26 out of the 51 residents who received the vaccinations, died within 5 weeks in a nursing home in Ireland. As well as i,n Berlin where 19 out of 31 residents of a nursing home died after receiving the vaccination also.

As easy as it is to lose hope hearing all of this, she does go on, to assure us, that if it were not for Covid, she would not be liaising with Lawyers, Doctors and Scientists from all over the world. They contact one another daily are are working behind the scenes to bring about justice.

But they are only a part of the solution. We too have to find our voice and rise up. To say enough is enough, to speak our truth and live our truth!


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