Who to trust when no one is trustworthy anymore?

3개월 전

Something that I hear a lot lately is that we live in confusing times, people no longer know who to trust, what the truth is, what is happening, since the mainstream media are no longer trustworthy, fake news abounds, and some people claim something to be true while others say the exact opposite, it seems that people are living in completely different realities, and if we can't even agree on what reality is, how can we possibly agree on anything else?

We know that the mainstream media are not trustworthy anymore, in fact, they have never been trustworthy, from day one, they have always tried to push their own agenda, to sell their own narrative, the one that favors them that you believe, not the truth, that's why it is a good thing that a larger and more significant sector of the population is ceasing to trust them, but then, who to trust? In the alternative media? In independent journalists? What specific person, group of people, portal, channel, or radio station, who is there to tell us the whole truth of what is really happening without lies, without deception, without malicious misinterpretation, without any falsehood? And the answer is, no one, no one there is whom you can trust that way, in fact, there is only one person, one person you can trust at any time and in any circumstance, only one person you must trust if you want to truly know the truth, and that person is yourself, no one else. There is no other reliable source of information, none. They all tell the truth sometimes, and sometimes not, as it suits them. It is up to you, it is up to us, to think critically, investigate on our own, and make the correct use of logic and reason to verify whether what we receive through these means of communication, or from any third party, is true or false. It is up to us to discern between the true and the false to see through any duplicity and truly know reality. There is no other "fact checker" who is truly impartial, and who is genuinely interested in us knowing the truth.

Perhaps we are very used to the life of sheep where someone else tells us what to think and what is the reality in which we live, what is true and what we should do about it, but it is time for us to become aware of the state in which we are and begin to take control of our life, it is certainly not easy, it is much easier to live like sheep, I have always said it, because it is easier to follow orders than to govern yourself, but at what price? At a very high price if you ask me, because you lose contact with the truth, with freedom, with goodness, and with all the noble things in life.

We must create the habit of distrust, distrust as a good thing, of distrusting everything that we cannot verify for ourselves, a healthy skepticism, because what we currently see is that everything is doubtful, and it has always been that way, only now it is more evident, and it is good that it is so, because then maybe we can wake up and realize that many of the things that we believe to be real are really a lie. We don't want the day to come when we have to realize the hard way that everything we've built our lives on isn't true.

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