Tulips and Bitcoin

2년 전

In honor of the upcoming bitcoin bull run, I present to you... Tulips!


Enjoy the ride.

note: I don't believe that the rise of bitcoin and cryptocurrency valuation is equivalent in any way to the tulip bubble of 1637

All photos in this blog are taken by me unless otherwise attributed.

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Till next time.

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In which country are these crops located?


The crops are in the State of Washington in the United States of America. That area has a large tulip festival every year.


I hope to see some photos of the tulip festival this year :)


Thanks for your reply. Tulips are very beautiful flowers, and I really did not know that they were grown in the United States. Your photos are very beautiful. Congratulations.


that field is beautiful!

Beautiful shots 💛
First one is my favorite!

Beautiful flowers photography
I appreciate your photo. thanks for sharing bitcoin.

I've never seen a tulip, but with these pictures it's almost like watching them live :)

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