Beautiful Chord Progressions with FREE MIDI Rack for Ableton Live - 100 Days Ableton Challenge - Day 20

3년 전

With this FREE MIDI Rack for Ableton Live you can create awesome Chord Progressions without knowing the music theory, but it's also a great toot for beginners to learn the chords and music theory.

Link to free midi rack:

Timestamps ⤵

Introduction - 00:19
How it works:
01:32 “Major/Minor” switch
02:19 “Drop Bass” switch
02:40 Extension Selector
03:49 11/13 Selector
04:20 “Rootless” switch
04:48 “Drop” knobs
Techniques for using it:
06:14 Using the bass for chords
06:45 Using the generator outside the C scale
08:53 Using the generator with an acapella
09:32 Automating knobs in the generator & intro chords analysis
11:11 Recording the MIDI to customise it
Summary - 12:22

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