Daily Udemy Income Report #103

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Welcome to the morning Udemy Income report! See how I make money on udemy. Follow along and see my stats, learn about my marketing techniques, and see what's working and what isn't working!


Alright welcome to the udemy income report my name is John Elder from Courserapy.com it is Monday the day before Christmas, Christmas Eve December 23rd or 2018 So we didn't have any reports over the weekend like I said take the weekend off usually because not a whole lot happens so today we're gonna talk about Friday's income Saturday's income and Sunday's income so let's see.

Right off the bat looking at my profile page udemy.com/user/johnelder3 we could see total students forty-five thousand four hundred and sixty four courses 37 23 32 reviews nothing changed there over the weekend except for the course numbers obviously um see still have go back the courses that were highest-rated last week are still the highest-rated today which is good they usually fluctuate sometimes daily so it's nice to see them sort of hold their position for a while so let's get right into the stats so let's see here we go this is Friday Saturday and Sunday so starting with Friday eight courses sold which is pretty bad we made $40 and 80 cents but that came to five dollars and ten cents a course which is not bad

A little sort of higher number than average usually we're in this sort of fours knew this was gonna happen the weekends are always slower and the weekend going into Christmas I thought would be completely dead so eight sales is not particularly bad refunds popped up had $10 with a refund so you know that it's been a while since we've had refunds so I usually get around 120 dollars a month in refunds for what I sell and that's pretty average so we're sort of on track here we have five reviews that day Nick was the last one we'll look at the reviews a little bit later so it total income increase not a whole lot to see here promotional activity didn't change and neither did average ratings so let's go to Saturday Saturday was even worse much worse so seven courses sold which is only one less than on Friday but the money earned was twenty seven dollars and eight cents and that drops down to three dollars and 87 cents a core so sold about the same as Friday but what $13 less and income so that's pretty bad as well

And refunds kicked up again a little bit looks like maybe one or two depending had a lot of reviews that day six good reviews and we'll look at those a little bit later finally Sunday things picked up pretty well sold 17 courses which really surprised me quite a bit but we'll take it 74 dollars and 70 cents in total so and that comes to $4 39 cents of course refunds popped up again so you know they come in waves you don't have anything for a while then you get three or four at a time it seems like but only one review yesterday now since yesterday this morning we've had a bunch of other reviews come in but yesterday only had the one and we'll look at that just a second so look at this forty sixty seven dollars for Friday and Saturday 74 for Sunday so we made more Sunday than Friday and Saturday

Combined 15 sold those two days versus 17 just on Sunday and if you look back in the trend you know Thursday we're at 18 Wednesday 22 Tuesday 13 so roughly the same level as last week during the week so that's that's nice to see we'll see I'm really curious I'm not sure because you know Christmas and Christmas Eve fall on a Monday Tuesday this year so I'm not really sure how that's gonna affect sales I'm feeling good because we had 17 yesterday so maybe they'll be up but I think my gut says no because you know let's get rid of this because you know it's Christmas who's who's online buying courses on Christmas you're spending time with your family you're doing Christmas things so I think sales are gonna be down the next couple of days but we'll see so reviews let's see Nick on Friday and this Russian name today

So let's pull these up and take a look fine there we go okay so scroll down to let's find Nick couple days ago but uh and you know reviews are just so important here we go Nick four and a half stars not bad you know like I said reviews are there everything on you to maybe you get good reviews you to me we'll continue to promote your courses through their marketing channels you don't get good reviews they don't and you just don't make any sales unless you do your own marketing but you likely won't do your own marketing except for promotional emails you get two of those a month other than that you're not gonna do a lot of marketing on you to me because the courses are so cheap and I'll teach you some workarounds for that later on but we're not going to talk about that today so here we have four and a half stars five stars this one only three stars Postgres database course it's a good course with high reviews...


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