Best Twitch Cheer Leaderboard Setting for Maximizing Bits Tips?

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Best Twitch Cheer Leaderboard Setting for Maximizing Bits Tips?

When choosing a cheer leaderboard on Twitch, when it comes to picking all-time, monthly or weekly to reset the cheer leaderboard for bits, which setting is the best?

Best Twitch Cheer Leaderboard Setting for Maximizing Bits Tips?

After asking this question myself and starting to do full-time now, I've come to the conclusion after looking at how others do it, that the ideal setting on for the bits leaderboard is the same as my friend Albert or "REXnize" has it here.

Best Twitch Cheer Leaderboard Setting for Maximizing Bits Tips?

It's all-time.

I think that the all-time setting is the best because it encourages competition among the very top contributors.

If you don't know what bits are, bits give affiliates and partners on Twitch the ability to cheer for someone's live stream, and then the streamer gets money out of it. It's an awesome system. It works like this.

So, if I go over here on Twitch, I just click on "Get Bits," and then you can see the Bits prices here.

Best Twitch Cheer Leaderboard Setting for Maximizing Bits Tips?

$308 is the best deal you get with 25,000 Bits, and you can give live streamers $250 in tips. Every Bit is equal to one cent.

That means when you give a hundred Bits, that's worth a dollar.

Read more on my website at and watch the full video below!


Jerry Banfield

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Honestly speaking, I stopped watching after ~50 seconds.

Even before I started to watch your video, I asked myself, why twitch and not dlive or dtube? - Or even youtube as you're an active user there?

However, when I suddenly heard, after about ~50 seconds, that all-time is the best option, I stopped. Wanna know why?

Because to me, it sounds like you're only in it to make money. You get people to compete about how's gonna tip you more and sure, I can totally understand your point, but I think it's wrong.

I could probably have said the same thing, if you talked about streamers with tons of viewers, but not if you're talking about streamers with only a few viewers.

People who start streaming shouldn't focus on how much money they can make... They should focus on the content and the service they provide. When they provide something of quality, gaming or whatever it might be, people will donate and/or tip them because they want too. You shouldn't try to sell your stream to viewers. You should give them what they want for free.

That being said, I do like the quality and the sound in your videos.

@ jerrybanfield All the time when I saw your video are attended you in live, I found you quite promising and passionate about making that article or video user targeted. As I know you love both sides of audience like your baby and your fan club. You gave time to both with proper attention.

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So useful tutorial. The video makes it easy. The video presentation is so good.

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