How to make pasta with mussels and clams or "pasta alla marinara"?

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I promised that I will be posting some of the food I have been eating during my summer stay in Sicily, but actually, I have been busy posting my nipples and trying to be funny without success.

Anyway, here you go, I would like to show you how to make my most favourite pasta!


otherwise said, pasta with mussels and clams

I'm going to show you how my mum did it today, while I was taking photos around her. (She was quite upset about me not helping her eheheheh)
I hope after that, you will be able to reproduce it in wherever part of the world you live!
It's quite simple to do and delicious.

First of all, go to your trusted fisherman to buy FRESH mussels and clams. Around 2Kgs of mussels and 700grams of clams.
Make sure they are fresh: if you want to prepare a good dish, first of all you need good ingredients.

Wash VERY WELL the seafood. Leave it in the water and rinse it many times, until you see the water being clean. You don't want to eat sand or algae (which @ddschteinn loves) with your seafood. Make sure to brush the seashell of the mussels.
My mum had to rinse it 5 times, before it was very cleaned!

Clams in water

Prepare some garlic, parsley and good tomatoes, like this.

And of course linguine: this is the portion for 3 people.

Put clams and mussels in two pots (don't add anything else!) and warm it up until all the seashells are open, like this.

Once open, it will be easy to get rid of the seashells.
These are the clams

Clams and mussels. We left some of the seashells for decoration

Once you fry the garlic with some extra-virgin olive oil and tomatoes...

Add the clams and mussels you have previously prepared.
It's important that you don't cook it too much, otherwise the seafood will become hard and lose the flavour of the sea.
ALSO: add some white wine at your pleasure and some water that the seafood had left over while cooked to be opened.


Once the pasta is cooked AL DENTE (I'm assuming that you know how to cook some pasta, throw it in boiling salty water and DO NOT LEAVE IT THERE FOR 30 minute, like I have seen my ex Polish boyfriend do), add it to the sauce, like my mum is doing it here

Mix it and serve it hot

Here you go!


Can this be considered a TWAD @enternamehere ?
My dad is working on it

Now, with the left over mussels, add some dressing at your pleasure. It could be just squeezed lemon or gratinate bread, but don't use some sauce that would cover the flavor of the sea (I'm look at those who think to add mayo on it!! Stay away!)


Summarizing the ingredients:

  • Pasta
  • Tomatoes
  • Mussels
  • Clams
  • Parsley
  • Black pepper or chilli at your pleasure
  • White wine
  • Garlic

I hope you liked it!
Now I'm off eating some dessert!
Cannoli with ricotta and gratinate pistachio!

Stay alive! Stay full!

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I really like your posts from home.

That seems like a whole lot of work for one meal. The washing of the clams I mean. 5 times! I was happy that the cheese was skipped - don’t water down the taste of the sea...

I’ve missed the posting of your nipples and lol your polish ex.


It is! You should try it! It's delicious!

Bella bella!!!

I thought you had been succesfully funny. This is great. I have decided to take you to wife.


Bellissimaaaaaaaaaa! My mother says that if I know how to cook and clean, I'm ready to get married.
She hasn't watched me singing.



Haha, oh my you are gifted in the singing department!! That was very funny. I'm pissing myself :0D


I almost linked you a diaper for adult, then I thought you must already know it, beside all the other sexual habits.


Lol of course I know it. I am the sex habit man !! :0D

hi my girl, i've been waiting for your reply, i miss you so much


I miss too look at myself AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALL the time. Then, I wake up, I run to look at the mirror and I stop to miss myself :D


apparently you also have a high sense of humor 😍😍😍

Ma-ma Mi-a! Bellissima!

I could really absorb some of those homemade Italian kitchen skillz. So many thanks for sharing. Next time I have my hands on some fresh clams, I have to make this dish. Tell me, what is gratinate bread?? That's a new one by me and I'm curious to know what it tastes like. My old TWAD is overflowing, and I'm always looking for more exotic items to fill my culinary repertoire.

Your parents are charming! At least from this side of the screen you have portrayed them to be charming. I feel happy that you get this special time with them, it is truly priceless. And to eat the TWID (Typical Western Italian Diet) together, that makes the time spent even better.

...Holy cannoli, woman! That is a delicious looking mouthful.

Now you can get married :-)

woow :D you must share that pasta with me eheheh
nice pictures .. love and respect to your lovely parents <3