SEI Tutorial Series | How to get Cash in Local Currency for your SBD

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Hey folks, @steemeducate here with another post in SEI Tutorial Series. This tutorial will illustrate SEI Students of Pakistan that how they can get cash in local currency for Steem Dollars they have in wallet. Being SEI Director @cryptokraze felt this thing that students are having problems in withdrawing their SBD because most of them are not able to make verified accounts at Crypto Exchanges due to lack of documents needed for verification. So, he decided to support this local currency exchange to facilitate SEI Students.

Let's see how you can request for local currency (PKR) being a SEI student.

Step 1

After logging in to your steemit account, go to Wallet page. You will see Steem, Steem Power and Steem Dollar on that page.


Step 2

Click on small arrow that is shown besides steem dollar amount and you will see drop down menu. Click on Transfer to initiate further process.


Step 3

On funds transfer window, you will see 4 options.

  • In first box (From), your username will be displayed.
  • In second box (To), you will write cryptokraze
  • In third box (Amount), you will write any amount of SBD you want to send and get local currency cash.
  • In last box (Memo), you will write SEI Student (Request for Local Currency)
  • After Filling all details, click on Submit


Step 4

After submitting your funds transfer details, you will be asked for your login and password. Fill in the details and click Sign In.


Step 5

By doing the above 4 steps, you have successfully transferred SBD to SEI Director @cryptokraze. Now, you only have to wait. He will verify the funds transfer by checking wallet and contact you on Mobile or Discord.


Step 6

After verification of funds transfer, your funds will be converted to Local Currency Cash on current date price and you will be given Cash in hand or bank transfer if you have one.

Example of Local Currency Exchange

  • This is a happy picture of one of the SEI student who received Local Currency for his SBD.

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I have a this whole process free of cost or is there any sort of commission set by cryptokraze?


No commission or Fees by any SEI Team member. All calculations and Exchange will be done on live price rates.

For your information, SEI is build to empower local student and this local currency exchange is an example of extending support to these students by @cryptokraze.


Ok thanks for info!


give your facebook link are your from sahwal

Thanks sir gi

Thanks for this informative post to empower SEI students keep it up @steemeducate

Thank you for the information this is beneficial for us

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