HOWTO: My Top Tips For New (& Old) Steemit Users - Building Your Profile, Making Great Posts, Gaining Followers and Having Fun!

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I've been using Steemit for nearly a year and quite intensively for the last couple of months. In this post I will use my Steemit knowledge, combined with my years of Professional internetting experience to share with you some tips to help you on your way to Steemit success and maybe greater financial freedom too.

To Your Success!

Learning & Research

It's easy to assume you know how steemit works, when in truth you are buying into a set of assumptions that you hold and that others are agreeing to be true. You can also review the website at for more info.

Creating posts

  • Create engaging, useful posts that solve problems or shed light on important topics.

Add value to your posts by doing research. The more unique value you can add to your posts, the more success you will have. So don't plagiarise the work of others. You can post videos from others and quote them but be sure that you make clear when you are doing that and also add your own ideas and comments in there too that add something to the post.

  • Find similar posts to your own post to make sure that yours are unique and to also find like minded users. You can use the browser plugin I have created for this purpose to help you.

  • Choose tags/categories for your post that accurately describe your post. Busy categories have more competition, but also more eyeballs looking at them. Experiment with different tags to see what works for you.

  • Design your posts to look good, using a first image that is formatted to landscape orientation to create a good thumbnail in steemit.

  • Time your posts so that they will be seen by your target audience - so if you are an English speaker, that might be around 8pm GMT - so that both European and American users are awake.

  • Learn to use a graphics application to make custom images for your posts. Free apps exist online or you can download a free app such as GIMP or use a free online photoshop clone, such as this one.

  • Write your posts in a text editor before posting them on Steemit - this will ensure you don't lose your work in the unlikely event of a technical problem with Steemit during the posting process.

  • Be Creative - consider running a competition where the prizes are paid for from the post payout - so it won't cost you anything but will generate excitement and gain you followers/friends.

Post Promotion

  • Boost your post's upvotes as much as possible as quickly as possible to do your best to make sure your post scores highly in the 'hot' list for your chosen categories - the more votes and payout your posts get, the more people will see them and the higher their potential will be.

Use vote boosting services such as @randowhale, @booster & @minnowbooster.
Post your links in relevant areas of Steemit's Chat app and Discord Channels.
Post your links in Steemit focused groups on Facebook and other social media sites.

  • Reply to as many comments as possible with intelligent, useful comments.

  • Comment under other users' relevant posts and leave links to your posts - TACTFULLY, without being annoying or distracting away from the original topic.

  • Make friends with commenters and work together to help each other and achieve your goals.

  • Fill out your profile information and choose an attractive profile image. What is it about you that people will want to connect with and will value?

  • Courtesy Follows - You can gain new followers just by following other users, since some will follow you back out of courtesy.

  • Resteem great content and let the Author know in a comment that you have supported them.

Managing your profile and account

General Tips

  • Be patient! Building your reputation and follower list means learning the steemit system and you are unlikely to succeed in a few days.

  • Be respectful and considerate when communicating with others, but at the same time also be respectful of your own needs and don't let others push you around.

  • Be honest and transparent. Stick to the truth!

  • Don't beg for votes or money - you can still ask for help, but state your case.. Why do you need help? What help do you need? Provide evidence that you really do need help and are not just being lazy and trying to get money/time from other people.

  • Use a browser theme to improve your experience on Steemit. The basic theme is pretty boring and doesn't inspire your friends to use Steemit when they see it.

Got Comments?

Do these tips help you? Let Me Know In The Comments Section Below

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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ura-soul, first off Jerry Banfield sent me :) Thank you for directing me to the 'Community Guidelines of Spam', as I try to be unique in my posts, I can see how one can slip up at times. WOW!!! The browser plugin you created is AWESOME, I just installed and am ready to rock :) I like your tip on timing of positng, this is something I definately need to change...I post at all the wrong times :( But NO MORE!! I have never used a phto editor but plan to try ...Thankd for sharing 'PIXLR EDITOR'. The post competitions are so fun to take part in, I do want to learn more about how to do one of my own...this is something I will need to research from previous Steemit posts. Can you please share how we can use vote boosting services - I have seen it done many times in posts and have been Blessed with this from thedonfreeman :) I clicked on the link for the SteemStats (spent 15 minutes in there checking out my own stats)... SteemStats is great ... I had no idea about this... Although my stats suck at the moment, I am confident I will get there. Thank you so much for sharing these great tips with me - YOU ARE APPRECIATED!!! SUNSHINE247

Just found because of reading this post which is awesome thank you for this post which I am sharing with my followers in day 10 of upvotable!


You are welcome! I am finding it a really useful tool :)

This is very helpful to the community.


Thanks for your feedback! :)

As you suggest, I hope you don't mind me "tactfully" linking to my help post..I'm stumped what could be the issue and would love to hear your thoughts, thanks!! :-) ->


No problem - I think you have your answer though, you need to wait until 7 days after your first post that has a payout value before you can claim any payout and before you have wallet activity. You could buy some Steem using your bank/credit card or bitcoins etc. and that would then show up in your wallet in steemit.


Super helpful, thanks for summarizing that and confirming what I was suspecting from those other me it's not intuitive that the history also waits until 7 days, but whatever at least I understand now. I feel like it was a silly "obvious" question, but I feel much better confirming that it wasn't just my account that was broken or something :D


It's not that the history waits for anything, it's that there is nothing to show in the history until you have been paid, which takes 7 days from making a post.

Thanks for sharing with us @ura-soul!!


You are welcome! injoy!

Being patient and respectful pays off!


Nice tips, is helpful for another steemit community. Thanks for sharing your tip.


you are welcome!

Thank you for sharing your knowledge! Heard about this from @jerrybanfield. Upvoted and following for more nuggets like this!


Greetings! You are welcome, thanks. :)

Sorry, this doesn't help. Getting friends with a whale helps much more, better & faster


These tips can help you make friends with whales - there's nothing stopping you dointg it all.

Just join new follower.



Nicely written professional tips
Permission to use your steemit upvote gif... Thanks in advance


Thanks - that gif isn't mine - so I have no copyright claim - I don't know who created it originally.