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Are you new a steemian that is worried about ow patronage of your blog? If yes, this post is the antidote to your worries.

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In my previous post, I elucidated how 5 sbd can be made daily in steemit, but this post is concentrated on commenting.

I see comments as an addendum for a post. A comment is primarily to criticize a post. This entails adding points which the original poster (OP) may have missed.; presenting the idea of the OP in another perspective. Comments may also mean entail a constructive and polite debate against subject of the post in question.

It is also valuable of notice that comments are not meant to criticize a personality, rather, the issue presented. This facts must be borne in mind when trying to comment a post. Simply put, comments are meant to either criticize the views of the post, question the premise or context of fact or better, add some relevance to the post where the writers knowledge sphere of influence did not reach.

Moreover, comments require planning just as posts do. You don't just wake to chorus "Great Post" as we always see here in steemit. Thus, the following rules will be of help to you when commenting:

  • You are not meant to comment all post;
  • If you must comment a post, make it critical and strategic;
  • Let your comment have a focus;
  • Your comment may be a supportive argument for the topic;
  • Your comment may be a polite and constructive argument against the topic;

Note that your comments are a true picture of your personality, hence, endeavour to give it as much dedication as you do to your posts. When next you comment, let it be a marketer for your block.


  • Attention
  • Followership
  • Increased reputation

I believe you've got the rudiments, LETS GO! Lets see how to earn at least 5 SBDs daily via comments.

Use 30 minutes of your EARLY BIRD to comment on 20 posts and earn at least 0.05 sbd, resulting to 1sbd for the morning.

Use 30 minutes of your LUNCH-TIME-OUT to comment on 10 posts and earn at least 0.05 sbd, resulting to 0.5sbd for the afternoon.

Use 30 minutes of your AFTER DINNER to comment on 20 posts and earn at least 0.05 sbd, resulting to 1sbd for the evening.

Use 30 minutes of your PRE-SLEEP PLAY to comment on 20 posts and earn at least 0.05 sbd, resulting to 0.5sbd for the night.

YOU SEE! You can do all of that in-between your daily conventional work and you'll make an extra 3 SBD for the day.

I've made more SBDs with comments than with my posts. its the way to grow in steemit as a newbie.
Make sure you add value to the steemit with your good comments. Thank me later and don't fail to share the testimonies on the comment section of this post. Keep commenting good stuffs and value to bad stuffs though your good comments.

Thanks to @mermaidvampire and @chinito for inspiring this post.

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Upvoted and resteemed. Keep making these good content! This post deserves everyone's attention. Well done!


Thank you for this gesture @mermaidvampire. You inspired this.

How do you earn the 0.05sbd from your posts?


@fredkese, check well. Its comments. Thanks


So how do you start earning automatically on your comments?

Thank you @uyobong, for the information. It will try and follow your advice.


I appreciate it that you found the information useful @amelin.

Thanks for the reminder,
I do comment on other blogs on steemit before, but it seems i have forgotten.
Kudos @uyobong


AM glad, the post was of help. Continue. It pays-off

Its a wonderful post deserve to be resteem and upvote


Thank you @olivia08. I appreciate your Resteem


Ypu are welcome my friend

Thank you for this information @uyobong 🙂🙂🙂. God bless you for sharing this.


Its my pleasure that you found it useful. Thank you @ashley4u

Timely post for a newbie like me. Many thanks


You're welcomed @priceless05


You're welcomed @priceless05

Thank you @steem-untalented. Thank you @candyman. Thank you @surpassinggoogle. Thank you @steemgigs. Thank you @ashley4u. Thank you @arcange. Thank you @southparkqueen. Thank you @marketstack

@uyobong, can newbie like myself achieve this?


Sure @bobbypraize. Check my wall for useful tips.

You are right sir. I will upgrade to 30 comment per day. Constructive comment..
Thank for the info


Thank you @sirdeza for finding the post helpful

a big chunk of feed to help out fellow steemers to have endure a big leap and gain success on this platform I appreciate your effort on providing those such a useful guides. Thanks


AM glad it was helpful @dylen. You can as well do the needful to help reach others