Using a VPS to host your website [CentOS]

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A VPS or dedicated server
OS: CentOS (I'll be using 6.5)
Specs: +256mb RAM 1core
WinSCP (Not needed but uselful)
A domain


Step 1:

First of all, logging into your Server with Putty.

 After that, let's start by typing a few things

yum update; yum install httpd;

The semicolons are to execute one command after the other. On this case, it'll run "yum update" and then "yum install httpd"

You can also include "-y" at the end to automatically say yes when it's asked by the command you ran.

This will take a while


yum update -y; yum install httpd -y; 

 Step 2:

Let's start our webserver by typing the following:

service httpd start; service iptables stop;

I'm completely shutting down the iptables service, but you can just open the 80 port and it'll be fine.

 After this, we'll be able to see our website by just typing the Server address to any webbrowser.

 Step 3: Linking the Domain to the server 

 I'll be using

 On the config of the domain, you need to use the websites DNS and put your Server's IP next to that. 

 This is the config you need on Freenom

 This is on namecheap

Once you set up your domain, you'll just need to wait upto 24h to see it working because of the DNS.

Additional info

You can install PHP by typing:
yum install php -y;

yum install mysql mysql-server;

To modify your files, open Winscp, logging to your server and go to the following directory:

That's where all your website files are stored

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