I love TV/Movies about time machines.

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Some might find this crazy but, I loved the 70's and I want to go back to that simpler time. Rotary phones, yaaaayyy! and you couldn't get away if you wanted to talk privately. You had to plan a time when you could talk on the phone when no one else was around!!!! Oh, the good old days. I loved it, what can I say. Also the usual interests about time travel, living in historical moments, again mine is probably a little shallow, but I would have loved to see Babe Ruth play baseball, that would have been so cool to me! I'm old enough to have seen mickey mantle hit home runs on TV, I think it was black and white, but could have been color by 1968. It is amazing the advances in lifestyle in my lifetime, just amazing! Now for the really interesting place I would like to go in a time machine, the future! From the changes that I've experienced in my lifetime, a 100 years from now, like they say, we will be fighting wars with bows and arrows again or something amazing like colonizing the moon/mars. Which one? Where would you go if you had a time machine!

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yes great post I follow you.