Punisher (Netflix) get on with it already!

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I love Frank Castle. I love the Punisher. I have loved the story even when it was a lot more innocent than it has been the past several film attempts but now it is a TV show and while i still haven't lost hope in it I am hoping that they "get on with it already."

i didn't put "the must" in there myself

Now I am one of those guys that was a comic book nerd back when people still bought comic books. I actually HAVE the very first Punisher comic book that was released and I have all the other Punisher spin-off first editions that were ever made also. I have a lot invested in this hero, emotionally, so to speak. Basically I want the franchise to be good at some point and up to now I honestly think it has not been good. I have waited a while and this series looks like it could be the ticket but it is taking sooooooo long to get to the point.


The series starts out action packed and this is how they go me to watch. However, now I am 3 more episodes in and virtually nothing has happened but back-story. Marvel has a history of this and this is one of the things that really pisses me off about Marvel. For one thing: They make entirely too much content and then when they do make something that looks like it could be good, they drag it on for so long that the few people that might be interested in it move on.


Jon Bernthal (who is one of my least favorite characters ever on Walking Dead) plays the role of Frank Castle, who will eventually be known as the Punisher, and while i will admit that his history is necessary for us to understand the vengeance thing this is taking entirely too long. For example: (and i know this is DC) We know why Bruce Wayne was afraid of bats and why he needed revenge in a 8 minute montage right? It wasn't until they turned Gotham into an awful show that all of us stopped caring. I mean have you watched Gotham? Didn't think so.


There is so little action in the first 4 episodes of this series that it was impossible for me to find any action scenes to include in this article so I didn't even bother trying after a while. So far, this series, that I REALLY WANT to love, is boring AF.

So here is my ongoing total for this thing so far and for the love of everything holy I hope they improve upon it.

4 / 10

and this is me being nice because i am a long-term fan

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Great post, and very insightful
I agree with you about Marvel's tendency to plump out their shows
I watched the film several years ago
with Travolta, I think, as the bad guy
Marvel are milking a So-So catalogue
But at least they didn't turn this guy into some freaky, unbelievable, Super-hero with unrealistic powers
It'll be 'Marvel-lous' if they manage to dream up something original
Says a (not too) bitter writer hoping to get a major deal for his 'spell binding' stories 😎


well. i can't give you much but i gave you all I could for that. You know your stuff and you do it well.

It's actually a very good show. It's nice to see a realistic and non-functional Marvel series

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im gonna keep watching. I didn't buy 30 years worth of stuff to give up now... however, i think after 3 hours (3 episodes) we should have at least maybe ventured out of the neighborhood we started in. Gawd it is boring. :)

"they drag it on for so long that the few people that might be interested in it move on."

And that's the problem with most series on Netflix. I feel like they have content for 6 episodes and they need 10 or 12 episodes, so they drag it on forever. It's hard to stay awake Lol!


i can't even imagine the difficulty that does into 2,... let alone 10. Why 10? Bc America told you that is what is has to be? I love the series that inexplicably ended after THREE episodes. Those are the ones I am going to support. Punisher, despite my history, is going to have to work really hard to impress me with their typical 10 episodes.

I know it gets a lot of hate, but that 2004 Thomas Jane Punisher was absolutely awesome for me. I don't have a lot of history with the character, though I did read some of Garth Ennis's 'reboot' of the character for Marvel's MAX imprint and liked what I saw.

Again, not a super-fan, I've not seen the sequel, nor have I seen the television show, but IMO that movie was just solid fun and Jane was perfectly cast.

I hope this improves for you, because holy geeze does it sound like a slow-burning start.


not sure if i have seen that one. Thanks for the tip!

Punisher lost my interest at about the point you are at. Still haven’t finished it. The Netflix bloat is real. There always seem to be about 2-3 episodes they could get rid of and make a more concise and enjoyable season.

Side note, the PTSD cliches in this season really bothered me. I’m a little tired of every veteran being depicted as someone inches from snapping and killing people. Seems like lazy writing.

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punisher is badass tv series.. love it so bad!!! damn


yes i did read the post
no.. i dont have to be a fan boys or movie critic like yall to enjoy it in some highest expectation and satisfaction...
i enjoyed it and if yall complain about it or about my comment here.. i dont care...


Everyone is entitled to their opinion! It would be a boring world otherwise 😆. I'm sure there are a lot of people that feel the way you do and that is fantastic.

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Wow, did you even read this blog? 4/10.


Gooddream what can you say to this guy 😁lol

You've given your opinion about what you feel about it..not bad.
I notice you follow TV series to the latter, expecting the very best from producers but you have to acknowledge the fact that they can't satisfy everyone.. no matter how beautifully well a script was written... Critiques will still have something to say.


we'll see what happens as it goes along. I am currently watching 7 different series and i have opines about all of them. Thank you for commenting.

I actually really like the Punisher. I binged watch it when it first released and am in the process of re-watching it.

It does start off slow, but it gets better imo. It was the same with the first season of Jessica Jones (slow start, finished strong).


this is good to hear. I just get frustrated because i want it to be Epic.

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