Obi-wan Kenobi finishes first season. I have serious questions.

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  1. Why was the Star Destroyer unable to overtake either the insurgent ship or Kenobi's?
  2. Why did Vader not send anyone (ie. the Grand Inquisitor) to follow the insurgent ship, or - especially since he planned to "face him [Kenobi] alone" - just go after Kenobi's ship himself?
  3. Uh... "Interesting" choice to have this show end with two separate, intercut battles entirely centered around characters that we all know must survive into A New Hope.
  4. Vader - who can absolutely sense life and death through the Force, and in fact is quite good at that - leaves two people "for dead" who are obviously still alive. Isn't he supposed to be among the most terrifyingly competent killers in this universe's history??
  5. 3rd Sister not only survived (of course), but seems to be effectively healed in a couple of hours? Also, why in the hell does she care about Luke?
    Her whole "real" arc was that she was a double agent, secretly moving up the ranks in order to gain Vader's trust so she can kill him, in revenge for him killing all her little Youngling buddies a decade ago. So when Vader reveals that he's always known who she really is, and incompetently dispatches her, with the Grand Inquisitor (who she presumed she'd killed earlier) mocking her behind his shoulder... Her next move is....... To go kill a child that she had absolutely no reason to even care about once the jig was up??
    Good grief.
  6. And while that's going on... Kenobi fails to kill Anakin a second time... So I mean, if the first failure to stop the rise of the Empire broke him, what is this failure going to do to him, as he realizes that he left Vader alive to terrorize even more people?
  7. 10 years old is way too old for either Luke or Leia to have had interactions/adventures with Jedi (and Kenobi specifically) to still have forgotten who he was or that Jedi exist like 8 or 9 years later.

I am so baffled by anyone who is capable of the mental gymnastics needed to accept this as anything other than utterly embarrassing writing.

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