Smartsteem Introduction

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Smartsteem is a kind of service that can be used as an agent to give back interest.
You can see a lot of praised trading services on this website, of which smartsteem is one of them, and the amount that can be bought is also the top one. Https://

The agent smartsteem's feedback is also good, although not as high as the previous one, but the annual return on investment is also >10%

In addition, this article is mainly intended to introduce an interesting feature, which I know has not seen anywhere else. I found out that it was because I used to proxy smartsteem directly with the agent tool, but I didn't receive any interest. I felt very strange. Then angered to log in to their website (using the posting key) found out how long it will take to set the interest, the minimum setting is one day, up to seven days.

Then the focus is coming! I saw a Vote-selling feature. This feature means that you don't have to go out to your SP, but when someone buys a buy vote on this smartsteem website, smartsteem can automatically mobilize your account to like it. According to the instructions, this service can get 85% of the cost of the other people's praise, plus praise curation income. This feature is suitable for people who have a lot of SPs, who don't want to go out and want to personally like them. This service can also set more than 5% of VP to use this feature, so don't be afraid to use this feature, you can see a good article, you have to praise it when you like it. In addition, you can also set to buy only whitelists, or exclude blacklisted users and tags.
To enable this function, not only enable the enable interface, but also authorize the authorization part to use steemconnect, at least use the active key.

Smartsteem's buy-and-sell function is similar to autosteem's automatic likes, but it is praised by people who pay for it automatically. In addition, this is different from smartsteem's bid for votes. You can buy the praise and price tag in the same article.

I am not sure about the comparison of the rate of interest with this agent and the agent SP. I am looking for a 100% reward service when I go out. But I don't know if this feedback package doesn't include their curation reward, or just 100% of the cost of someone else buying it...

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