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一開始用google搜尋bsv copyright, 出現一些文章,提到說BSV暴漲了120%,是因為 Craig Steven Wright (CSW) 申請 bitcoin的版權。文章下面就有些人分析,說這只是申請,其實任何人都可以(花錢)去申請版權。不過,稍後這個申請獲得美國政府的認證了。具體時間點我英文閱讀能力沒很強,而且不知道他們文章的時區,就懶得再去對與BSV幣價相對的時間點了。據我估計,可能差不多過了巔峰(100~139.31)。

對於CSW,在此之前也是頗具爭議性,有的人相信他,有的名人例如幣安的CZ、Peter McCormack(英國密碼貨幣節目主持人)則反對。先聲明我的立場,我也不相信他就是比特幣的主要作者。
再看看steem, 上面就有人說就算CSW獲得美國對bitcoin版權的認可,也不代表什麼。
這發展也是蠻有趣的。CSW獲得這認證,未來可能會跟bitcoin core和其掌握的BTC衝突。再加上原本分裂的BCH,三方可能又會再起論戰了。


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Steven Wright will end up in an insane asylum in a couple of years.

His BSV stunt didn't work. Even his treats to 51% attack BCHABC didn't come to life...

He'll keep on talking making these crazy copyright/patents for PR but it worth nothing.


Same feeling😊


he still lying
there is no real proof for his ownership to BTC

Please post your articles in English so that more people can read and understand !!
Best of luck !!👍👍👍

Very ppwerful post, didnt understand...

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Nice one. Keep growing


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que bueno

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